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Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:08 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


As Sarva Vyapakam ans Anantam, Eswara is unknown. Then how Eswara can be known ?
The answer is simple as Eswara is Nityam.
Then what is the solution?
When the known becomes unknown,then the unknown is Known
What is the Known?
Deha Bhaavam/Jagath Bhaavam.
How does the realization of Eswara take place?
Let us replace the known(Deha Buddi) with unknown in the unknown(Eswara) as Deha Buddi/Anityam is set to null by a Mumukshuvu(an ardent seeker of Eswara).
Un(Deha Buddi) = Un(unkown) =Eswara. The reason being
Un(Anityam) = Nityam= (Eswara)

Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:08 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


Jagath(world) is like an examination hall. The human life is like an examination. Every human being is like a student giving the examination and he/she has to face the challenges in life like the questions in the question paper and submit the duly solved answered sheet to the Examiner(Eswara) well before the predetermined time that is before death occurs. One who attains oneness with Eswara(JivaSivaikyam) during one`s Jivana Kaalam(life time) would be declared to have passed in the examination.
A day consisting of 24 hours signifies Janana Marana Chakram. The day time starting from the sunrise to the sunset signifies the life time (Iham) of an individual. Sunset represents the death and the night that follows the sunset represents the life after death(Param) and the sunrise that comes next day signifies next birth. Pradosha Kaalam is of duration of three hours and it starts 90 minutes before the sunset and ends immediately after 90 minutes of the sunset. Pradosha Kaalam is the grace time as blessed by Karuna Avataaram (Eswaram) to an individual so as to pass in the examination as mentioned above.
Accordingly a human being should remember Eswara invariably everyday during Pradosha Samayam in youth by setting aside all the Laukika Vishayamulu and Laukika Vyaparamulu (worldly thoughts and the worldly activities) pertaining to Iham(worldly life). As stated above Pradosha Samayam also points out to transition period between Iham(life before death) and Param(life after death). This truth implies that the exam duration reaches its end as Pradosha Kaalam approaches. Accordingly Pradosha Kaalam signifies Jivana Sandhya Kaalam/ Jivana Astamaya Samayam/Jivana Antya Samayam(old age) in the life of an individual. As Pradosha Kaalam is the grace time as stated above and as it starts 90 minutes before the sunset(death), the first alarm buzzes at the age of 60 years followed by the second alarm at the age of 80 years and the final bell rings at the age of 100 years keeping in view the life span of an individual as 100 years.
Accordingly, a human being should answer the three question papers by way of becoming free from the three chains/ bondages namely Lokam(world), Gruham (house) and Deham (body) as he/she reaches the above said three ages respectively. This truth implies that a Jiva should become nearer to Param through renouncing/rejecting Iham and finally Jiva should become one(Ekam) with Paresham (Eswara) .This is the significance behind the truth that Smasaanam (cremation ground) is the Avaasam(residence) of Eswara. Precisely speaking Pradosha Samayam should be dedicated to the process of handing over(Iham) and taking over(Param). Then only he/she would be able to submit himself/ herself(duly answered sheet) to Eswara as Atma Nivedanam (Self submission) before the examiner(Prana Naatham) snatches away the unanswered question paper as death.

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[racchabanda] అర్ధసమవృత్తము మణివితానకాంతి #ardhasamavRttamu maNivitAnakAMti#


అర్ధసమవృత్తము మణివితానకాంతి - 

బేసిపాదములు - మ/స/జ/గ - శుద్ధవిరాట్టు 10 పంక్తి 345 
సరిపాదములు - ర/న/ర/లగ - రథోద్ధత 11 త్రిష్టుప్పు 699

ఆధారము - కవిజనాశ్రయము 
నడక - ఎనిమిది మాత్రలు

మణివితానకాంతి - UU UII - UIUIU // UIUIII - UIUIU

రావా కానఁగ - రమ్య దృశ్యముల్ 
ఈ వసంత ఋతు - విందు రమ్యమే 
పూవుల్ బూయఁగ - మోద మెల్లెడన్ 
జీవనాదములు - చింది యాడఁగా 

హేమ మ్మెల్లెడ - నందమై పడన్ 
భూమి శ్వేతముగఁ - బొల్పు మీఱె నా 
రామమ్మందున - రాలె పుష్పముల్ 
ఏమి యామనియొ - యిట్టులయ్యెనే 

వాణీ యిత్తును - వందనమ్ములన్ 
వాణి నీయు మమ - పద్య రూపమై 
గానానందము - గావ్యమే కదా 
ధ్వానమా మణివి-తానకాంతులా 

విధేయుడు - జెజ్జాల కృష్ణ మోహన రావు
ardhasamavRttamu maNivitAnakAMti - 

bEsipAdamulu - ma/sa/ja/ga - SuddhavirATTu 10 paMkti 345 
saripAdamulu - ra/na/ra/laga - rathOddhata 11 trishTuppu 699

aadhAramu - kavijanASrayamu 
naDaka - enimidi mAtralu

maNivitAnakAMti - #UU UII - UIUIU // UIUIII - UIUIU#

rAvA kAna@Mga - ramya dRSyamul 
ee vasaMta Rtu - viMdu ramyamE 
pUvul bUya@Mga - mOda melleDan 
jIvanAdamulu - chiMdi yADa@MgA 

hEma mmelleDa - naMdamai paDan 
bhUmi SvEtamuga@M - bolpu mI~re nA 
rAmammaMduna - rAle pushpamul 
Emi yAmaniyo - yiTTulayyenE 

vANI yittunu - vaMdanammulan 
vANi nIyu mama - padya rUpamai 
gAnAnaMdamu - gAvyamE kadA 
dhvAnamA maNivi-tAnakAMtulA 

vidhEyuDu - jejjAla kRshNa mOhana rAvu


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