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Omkara Mantram consists of three Beeja Aksharamulu (letters) namely A-U-M.
The first Beejam signifies the grace of Srushthi Kaaraka/ Brahma(generation).
The second Beejam signifies the grace of Sthiti Kaaraka/ Vishnu(Generation).
The third Beejam signifies the grace of Laya Kaaraka Maheswara(dissolution).
Accordingly chanting Om generates Nadam (musical sound) at Nabhi/navel(Brahma Sthanam) and invokes the grace of Lord Brahma. The musical sound so produced travels upwards and attains the maximum volume in Hrudayam/Heart (Narayana Sthanam) and grants the grace of Lord Narayana/ It further travels upwards and grants the grace of Eswara and dissolves in Kantham/throat (Sri Kantha Sthanam).
Accordingly if we bow down at the lotus feet of Guru Daivam Hanuman, Sri Hanuman as Brahma Jhnana Swarupam induces Brahma Jhnanam(Sri Rama Bhakti) at Nabbhi/navel because Sri Rama is the Aasrayam (shelter/ source) for Jambhavaadi Brahma Jhnanulu and Jaambhavaan as a great Sri Rama Bhaktam invoked/ reminded Sri Hanuman of his Atma Balam, Atma Buddi, and Atma Vidya when he was about to cross the sea. Brahma Jhnanee Jambhavaan was very much aware of the truth that Sri Hanuman as an embodiment of Brahma Jhnanam was endowed with Atma Balam and Atma Buddi and Atma Vidya. This is the reason why that Sri Hamuman could overpower Minaaka, Surasa and Simhika while crossing the sea. Keeping this philosophy in mind, Sat Guru Go Swamy Tulasidas says in Sri Hanuman Chalisa that if we bow down at the lotus feet of Sri Hanuman, then Guru Deva blesses us with Atma Balam,Atma Buddi and Atma Vidya so as to empower us to cross the Samsaara saagaram.
Thus Prabhu Rama Bhakti as granted by Sri Hanuman travels upwards and transforms into Prabhu Rama Bhaavam in Hrudayam because Sri Rama(Sita Rama) as Sita(Sri)/Atma Maanasam won the heart of ParasuRama on knowing the truth that the Hrudayam of Parasurama had been captured by Krodham (anger) due to Ahamakaram(personal ego).
The Prabhu Rama Bhaavam travels upwards and dissolves in Kantham(throat) . Thus it causes Layam(dissolution) in the form of Siddi as Mukti(freedom) from Dehaatma Buddi/ Jadha Buddi/ Anitya Buddi because Taaraka Mantram comes out always from Sri Kantham/ Eswara. This Siddi (attainment) is nothing but realization of Sidda/Eswara as Atma/Sakshe.

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Night and Day


నిర్భరానందపు రాత్రి

నిష్క్రమించింది; నిద్ర లేకుంటేనేం

ముద్రలెన్నో! కానుక.


వేడి పవలొకటి  రేపటికి

పడిగాపు కాచింది. ప్రణయమో, రణమో

పరమాత్ముడి కెరుక!



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