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The summary of four Vedamulu is that one should achieve the Chatur Vidha Purusha Arthamulu namely Dharmam, Artham ,Kamam and Moksham in one`s life time..
Keeping the above philosophy in view Sat Guru Goswamy Tulasidas begins Sri Hanuman Chalisa with Dhyana Chaupai consisting of four lines. This Chaupai states the methodology to be adopted by a person so as to attain the the four Arthamulu as stated above. Thus Brahma Jhnanam flows underneath the Chapai as under current.

One should bow down at the lotus feet of Sri Guru Hanuman, Sri Guru means Atma Guruvu. Sr Guru Paada Rajam signifies Brahma Jhnanam. Paada Rajam acts as an anti virus and clears of the mirror like mind(Manasu) from the dust/six viruses (Arishat Vargam) and Manasu becomes pure . Sri Hanuman enlightens the virus free(purified) mind of that devotee through loading Sri Raghuvara Vimama Yasassu(glory) which is the purest of the pure in to the memory. Thus the mind of that devotee is filled up With Sri Rama Bhakti. As Prabhu Rama is Dharma Swarupam and Dharmam is Satya Saadhanam as established in Srimad Ramayanam, Prabhu Rama Bhakti is Brhama Jhnanam and it grants the final Artham i.e Moksham. As Brhama Jhnanam Prabhu Rama Bhakti takes out Dehaatama Bhaavam from Buddi. Then Buddi always directs mind to recollect Sri Rama Charitam which has been already loaded in the memory in day to day life. Then Manasu(mind) stops undergoing any change (Vikaaram) which is the root cause for all Klesamulu(sorrows).
The essence of the above Chapai is that Sr Hanuman blesses Atma Balam, Atma Buddi and Atma Vidya when a devotee surrenders to Him by filling up his mind with Prabhu Rama Bhakti. Due to this empowerment, the devotee would cross the TriGunaatmaka Samsaara Saagaram just like His Guru Sri Hanuman who crossed the sea by overpowering Minaaka, Surasa and Simhika(Tri Gunamulu). Atma Balam wins Minaaka respectfully(Aaharam and Nidra). Atma Buddi overpowers Surasa(Deha Bhaavam) tactfully and Atma Vidya destroys Simhika (Jiva Bhaavam).

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