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Maanava Deham is like a Punya Kshetram(holy place) .
Sat Guru is like a Punya Kshetra Paalaka.
Eswara is the Prabhu(Lord) of a Punya Kshetram/body/sacred place.
Sat Guru as the Kshetra Paalaka (Administrator) transplants Eswara Bhakti Beejam (seed) in the Kshetram(Deham) of a pilgrim who strains every nerve to visit a Punya Kshetram(sacred place) so as to have Sandarsanam of Kshetra Adhipati..
The seed (Bhakti Beejam) as transplanted by the Sat Guru grows in to a big Vrukshham(tree) as Eswara Bhakti Bhaavam. This Bhakti Bhaava Vrukshham grows and produces delicious fruits containing seeds(Eswara Bhakti Beejamulu).
Eswara is Bhava and Atma Guruvu. Accordingly Eswara Bhakti Bhaavam takes birth in the Hrudayam of a devotee and this Eswara Bhakti Bhaavam like a tree produces a fruit and becomes a cause for production of another Eswara Bhakti Bhaavam and this process continues indefinitely. Thus Eswara Bhakti as transplanted by a Sat Guruvu as Atma Guruvu in the Kshetram/ Hrudayam of a devotee grows in to a Eswara Bhakti Vrukshham and becomes Saphalavantam.
Thus under the Krupa(grace) of a Sat Guru , Eswara Bhakti Bhaavam takes birth in a Yatra(Pilgrimage)/ Eswara Dhyanam (meditation) and grows and produces another Bhakti Bhaavam in Hrudayam and this cycle continues like a Pradakshinam around Eswara.

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Neither I am a Jiva(individual) as Jiva Bhaavam (individual feeling) makes me to feel that I am different from the other human beings. The Jiva Bhaavam is an effect of ignorance because there is no difference absolutely between any two human beings at the grass root level because all the human beings are composed of the same five elements (Moolakamulu) namely Pruthvi, Jalam, Agni, Vayuvu and Aakasam and all the human beings contain the same Sapta Dhatuvulu namely Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Medas, Asthi, Majja, and Shukra, Also all the human beings are subjected to the same natural instincts namely Aaharam, Nidra, Bhayam and Mithunam. As far as the differences in the physical features like color, shape, size etc are concerned they are quite temporary and fade away with the passage of time. Apart from these hard core facts, it makes me to feel that I am a doer whereas I do not have absolutely any control over the production of a single cell, its reproduction or finally its death within the body.
Neither I am an intellectual(Buddi) as Buddi(intelligence) is always associated with Deham(body) which is Anityam and Jhadam and which is subjected to Dahanam (burning) in due course of time. Thus Buddi is subjected to the dual aspects of the world(Dvaitam) and dualism does not stand to logic(Tarkam) as far as the Absolute knowledge(Brahma Jhnanam) is concerned., For Ex: a day in one part of the world is a night in another part of the world and vice versa. Hence Buddi(intellect) can not define an unique thing which is absolute and permanent and independent and is beyond any change.
Neither I am Manasu(mind) which is subjected to six Vikaaramulu/ Vikruta Aakaaramulu(displacements) as controlled by Kamam, Krodham, Madam, Moham, Lobham and Maatsaryam and thus it always disturbs its own peace and tranquility due to its own displacement. In nut shell, it acts against its own interest.
Neither I am any Pranam out of the Pancha Pranamulu (five energy providing batteries) as these Pranamulu stop giving Prana Sakti all of a sudden due to a sudden failure in the form of death which is inevitable.
Neither I am any one out of the five senses as these five sensual organs lose their capabilities and start causing pains as the age advances. More over no sensual living/non living object gave me the perfect satisfaction and finally the sensual pleasures have led me to a state of thorough dissatisfaction and despair and disgust. This experience proves beyond doubt that there is no real happiness in the so called sensual pleasures and to attain perfection in them is a myth.

Neither I am this physical body because it is subjected to wear and tear and decay. Also it is subjected to change in to a severe pain causing liability in old age as the various organs/ glands stop functioning or start malfunctioning. Finally it would turn in to a big burden to carry in the old age.
Then who am I ?

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