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MANGALHA SUTRAM by swamypvap
Srimad Bhagavad Gita by p_gopi_krishna
Re: SRI RAMA AVATARA PRAAMUKYAM by "venkata sriram" sriram_sapthasathi


Tue Jun 5, 2018 1:07 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


Galham means Kantham (throat) Mangalham signifies Subham because Eswara as Subha Kara is Sri Kantha/ Neela Kantha as had held Halahalam (poison) in His throat and saved Jagath when three was a great threat to the existence of Jagath.

As the first couple Eswara and Eswari are Jagath Pita and Jagath Mata respectively.

Maangaylam known as Mangala Sutram as held by Eswari/Eswara Patni around Her neck as tied by Eswara causes Subham. Thus as Aatharam (basis) for Subham , Mata is Siva Kari/Sri Kari/ Subha Kari. Thus Mangalha Sutram as held by Mata Eswari refers to the formula to derive Subham/ Happiness as Siva means Subham Thus Mata Eswari is Sarva Artha Saadhaki as Sivaa. because Sabdam signifies Siva and Kantha Swaram associated with it signifies Sivaa/Eswari

Tue Jun 5, 2018 1:09 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


The best motivation for ambition is realization, not recognition

Some aspiring spiritualists fear, "Will becoming spiritual mean that I have to give up my ambitions?"

No, to grow spiritually, we don't need to give up ambition; we just need to change our motivation for ambition.

Normally, our various ambitions are motivated by the craving for recognition: "I want the world to recognize my specialness and greatness." This motivation sets us up for frustration because sometimes, due to adverse circumstances, we just can't actualize our ambitions; or sometimes even after fulfilling our ambitions, we don't get the craved recognition; or sometimes even after getting that recognition, we get only fleeting satisfaction.

Gita wisdom gives us a motivation for ambition that is less dependent on externals – the motivation of realization. It explains that at our core, we are souls, who are parts of the whole, Krishna. We can find enduring satisfaction only when we connect lovingly with him and redefine all our activities as services to him. Such redefinition requires purification, which comes when we engage regularly in direct devotional activities. Being thus purified, we get the conviction that our connection with Krishna is the source of our greatest satisfaction. Therefore, we strive to connect with him with all our resources – which include our vocations, talents and ambitions. Indeed, the Bhagavad-gita (18.46) exhorts us to worship Krishna through our work. With this devotional understanding, we become ambitious to use our talents for realization: for realizing our spiritual connection with Krishna and for realizing the gifts he has given us by using them to contribute tangibly in his service.

When we work for realization, even if the external results don't work out, the internal result always works out: our intention and endeavor to serve Krishna keep us connected with him. And that connection helps us grow spiritually and relish ever-increasing devotional satisfaction thereof.

Read more http://www.gitadaily.com/the-best-motivation-for-ambition-is-realization-not-recognition/ http://www.gitadaily.com/the-best-motivation-for-ambition-is-realization-not-recognition/

Tue Jun 5, 2018 8:11 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


We are all Atmajulam(children) of Jagath Pita Eswara and Jagth Mata Eswari.
Eswara is Ashtha Murthy Swarupam and Mata Eswari is the Sakti(energy) associated with the eight forms. That is why when an iron rod is heated at one end , it becomes hot at the other end also because heat is a form of energy and heat is nothing but movement of molecules.
Eswara as a proper/resident of Smasaanam/Vairagya Swarupam has only Anandam as His property. Vayuvu(air) which is one of the eight forms of Eswara moves from the areas of high pressure to the areas of low pressure. Thus Eswara as the Jagath Pita gives a long stool to a short child in terms of education, money, power and strength etc and a short stool to a long child and thus balances the load of Anandam(happiness) among all the children..
As far as the complete rights over the property of the Father Eswara that is Anandam is concerned, only a child who adopts Vairagyam as the way of thinking and as the way of living on learning Eswara Jhnanam from the Mata Eswari gets the full rights over the property (Anandam) which is infinite in quantity.

Tue Jun 5, 2018 11:59 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"venkata sriram" sriram_sapthasathi

The last line is simply superb and marvellous !

Yes ! our beloved rAmA, His name and His path is the ONLY refuge in this kali yuga.

On Fri, 1/6/18, swamypvap@yahoo.com [TeluguBhaktiPages] <TeluguBhaktiPages-noreply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

Subject: www.telugubhakti.com SRI RAMA AVATARA PRAAMUKYAM
To: TeluguBhaktiPages@yahoogroups.com
Date: Friday, 1 June, 2018, 3:17 PM


Narayana descended on to the earth as
Dasaratha Nandanam  and as an embodiment  of
Dharmam to uphold Dharma Aacharana (practice of
Dharmam)  as Satya Saadhanam .

Prabhu  Rama conveys  to the his
dedicated Sevakulu(servants)  including his
Dwara Paalakulu Jaya and Vijaya   to accord
the same regard and respect as
given to him to Deenulu (hapless and helpless people),
Yogulu (sages) and to his
Bhaktulu(true devotees) also. As a proof of concept Prabhu
Rama himself treated his devotees Sri Hanuman and Guha like
himself by embracing  them. Also Prabhu
Rama treated Mata Sabari like His mother. Prabhu Rama
visited the hermitages of
all the sages in the forest and  paid His
regards and respect to them.  He had
shown compassion to Kaakaasur even though he committed a
grave sin towards Mata
Sita when  the demon  realized his fault and
surrendered to him.

Prabhu Rama conveys  to all
Jhnaanulu(intellectuals) including
Sanaka and Sananda etc  to adopt Bhakti
Margam so as to shed down Ahamkaram (personal ego) in order
to conquer anger
because  Bhakti Margam is the one and
only way to shut down Ahamkaram. Also Bhakti only triggers
Bhuta Daya and this
fact can be easily observed in the lives of all the 
The  first one to be counted among
the Maha Jhnanees namely Ekadasa Rudra Avataram Sri Hanuman
became Raghu Pati
Priya  Bhaktam. That is why the sages
Sanaka and Sananda etc came to know this truth and came down
and  surrendered to Prabhu Rama. 
In order to 
highlight this truth,  they sang
in praise of Sri Rama Daasam Hanuman when he had 
brought Sanjeevini from  Himalayaas. As
a proof  of supremacy of Bhakti over
Jhnanam,   Prabhu Rama in spite of being
a  Eswara Chaapa Khandana  
captured the heart of Maha Jhnana Pungava
Sri Parasu Rama who was over powered by Krodham(anger) by
remaining submissive
to him.

Thirdly Prabhu Rama as Maryada
Purushottma enlightens us to accord  the
importance to  human relations, human
values and the humanitarian outlook through his life 
by laying down  the highest 
standard (Praamaanam)  to Maanava

 Prabhu Rama lays stress on the truth that
Eswara is not different from Eswara Dharma 
Swarupini/Dharmaika Nishthaakari (Eswari). This Truth
implies that Eswara is bound by Eswara
Niyati(policy). As a proof of concept Prabhu Rama killed 
Siva Bhaktam Ravana
who had violated Prakruti Dharmam/Eswara Niyamam.

Prabhu Rama Avataram paved Raja
Margam for Mukti as Raja Rama in Bhaavam  
plus practice of Srimad Ramayana Pratipaadita 
Dharmam in Baahyam(words and actions).

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[racchabanda] కొత్త విధమైన యతులతో పృథ్వీ వృత్తము #kotta vidhamaina yatulatO pRthvI vRttamu#


కొత్త విధమైన యతులతో పృథ్వీ వృత్తము - 

పృథ్వీ వృత్తపు పాదము సంస్కృతములో 8/9 అక్షరములుగా విఱుగుతుంది.. తెలుగులో 12వ అక్షరము యతి. నేను దీనికి తొమ్మిదవ అక్షరమును వడిగా, 12వ అక్షరమును ప్రాస యతిగా ఉంచి వ్రాసియున్నాను. ఈ రోజు 7, 13 అక్షరములతో వడిగా రెండు పద్యములను, అవే అక్షరములతో ప్రాస యతిని (8, 14 ప్రాసాక్షరములు) ఉంచి వ్రాసినాను. 

పృథ్వీ(తల) - జ/స/జ/స/య/లగ IUI IIU - IUI IIU - IUU IU
17 అత్యష్టి 38750 

తలిర్చు లత సుం-దరమ్ము పృథివీ-తలమ్మందు నేఁ
దలంతు నిను నో - దయార్ద్ర హృదయా - దహించెన్ గదా  
కలంగు యెదపైఁ - గరమ్ము లిడ రా - కటాక్షమ్ములన్ 
వెలుంగుకొఱకై - ప్రియా నిలిచితిన్ - విషాదమ్ముతో 

సుషుప్తి వదలెన్ - సుమమ్ము లలరెన్ - సువర్ణమ్ములన్ 
దుషార సర మా - దుకూలములపై - ద్రుటిన్ శోభిలెన్ 
ఉషోదయములో - నుషాంశువులతో - హొరంగుల్ ఛవుల్ 
విషాద మికపై - వెలుంగు వలలో - విలీనమ్మగున్ 

ప్రాస యతితో - 

సరస్వతి యనన్ - స్వరాలు కదలెన్ - సరాళమ్ముగా 
విరించి తరుణీ - విరాణ్ముఖి సుధా - సరిత్తై యిటన్ 
హరించు వెతలన్ - కరాంజలు లివే - విరాజిల్లుచున్ 
ధరాస్థలిని సం-హరించు వెడగున్ - స్మరింతున్ సదా 

విధేయుడు - జెజ్జాల కృష్ణ మోహన రావు
kotta vidhamaina yatulatO pRthvI vRttamu - 

pRthvI vRttapu pAdamu saMskRtamulO 8/9 axaramulugaa vi~rugutuMdi. telugulO 12va axaramu yati. nEnu dIniki tommidava axaramunu vaDigA, 12va axaramunu prAsa yatigA umchi vrAsiyunnAnu. ee rOju 7, 13 axaramulatO vaDigA reMDu padyamulanu, avE axaramulatO praasa yatini (8, 14 prAsAxaramulu) uMchi vrAsinAnu. 

pRthvI(tala) - ja/sa/ja/sa/ya/laga #IUI IIU - IUI IIU - IUU IU#
17 atyashTi 38750 

talirchu lata suM-darammu pRthivI-talammaMdu nE@M
dalaMtu ninu nO - dayArdra hRdayA - dahiMchen gadA  
kalaMgu yedapai@M - garammu liDa rA - kaTAxammulan 
veluMguko~rakai - priyA nilichitin - vishAdammutO 

sushupti vadalen - sumammu lalaren - suvarNammulan 
dushAra sara mA - dukUlamulapai - druTin Soebhilen 
ushOdayamulO - nushAMSuvulatO - horaMgul Chavul 
vishAda mikapai - veluMgu valalO - vilInammagun 

prAsa yatitO - 

sarasvati yanan - svarAlu kadalen - sarALammugA 
viriMchi taruNI - virANmukhi sudhA - sarittai yiTan 
hariMchu vetalan - karAMjalu livE - virAjilluchun 
dharAsthalini saM-hariMchu veDagun - smariMtun sadA 

vidhEyuDu - jejjAla kRshNa mOhana rAvu


Posted by: "J. K. Mohana Rao" <jkmrao@yahoo.com>
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[racchabanda] రచ్చబండ కవితలు


Can't Postpone


ఇప్పడు నాకివ్వాల్సిన ముద్దు, రేపు నీ

ఫైనల్స్ పరీక్ష అయ్యాక

ఇస్తానంటావేం  ప్రియా? అప్పటిదాకా నా మోహం ఆగుతుందా?


నాకు తెలుసు నువ్వు దీక్షగా బల్ల దగ్గర కూర్చుని

టైప్ కొట్టేస్తుంటావు,

అందులో నువ్వు వ్రాస్తున్న ప్రేమ

కథను, నీ భుజం మీదుగా చూసి నేను నిట్టూరుస్తుంటాను;

ఏమొస్తుంది నా సువాసనల ముంగురులు తగులుతున్నా నీకు

లేని, ఆ పరవశం నీకు ఆ అక్షరాల కథలో?


నాకు తెలుసు నువ్వు నీ మ్యూజిక్

డిసర్టేషన్ రాస్తున్నావని

అది పూర్తయ్యాకే, నాకు ఫోన్ చేసి

డిన్నర్ డేట్ అడుగుతావని;

నువ్వెంత క్లైమాక్టిక్గా కాన్సర్ట్ లో వాయించినా

నాకు ఆర్గాసమ్ వస్తుందా?


ఇవ్వాళ ఇవ్వాల్సిన గులాబి, ప్రపంచం రివాజంటూ

వేలంటైన్ డే రోజుకు మారుస్తావు

ఈ రోజు నువ్వు ఇవ్వగలిగిన రవ్వల కంఠహారం,

25వ ఏనివర్సరీ కిస్తే,

ప్రపంచం గమనించి

మన ప్రేమకు ఎక్కువ ఖరీదు కడుతుందనుకుంటావు


యునో, డార్లింగ్! నేనూ పరీక్షలిచ్చా,

నీ కన్నా ఎక్కువ పనులు చేసా,

నీ కన్నా ఎక్కువ బహుమతులిచ్చా, పుచ్చుకున్నా.


ఒక్కసారీ ఎవరితోనూ ప్రేమను నేను పోస్ట్పోన్ చెయ్యలేదు.

తారీఖు బట్టి ఏదీ చేయలేదు;

నాది చాలా మసిలి మరిగే ఉడుకురక్తం,

కోరిక కలిగినప్పుడే, తీరుస్తాను, తీర్చుకుంటాను.




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Have you tried the highest rated email app?
With 4.5 stars in iTunes, the Yahoo Mail app is the highest rated email app on the market. What are you waiting for? Now you can access all your inboxes (Gmail, Outlook, AOL and more) in one place. Never delete an email again with 1000GB of free cloud storage.

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