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Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:35 am (PDT) . Posted by:


[dhārmika-saṁvādaḥ] Initial (Raw) Thoughts on Spiritual Escapism

Harih Om :)

I made two successive posts on FB that I share here, since it is pertinent to our mailing list. This may be subject to some deeper analysis in the future, but worth getting the initial thoughts out, for now pending further development.

Post 1: hariH om. I received a preposterous email stating that Vedanta students should not discuss politics because it is "just another aspect of Maya". Interestingly, food and water are also "aspects of Maya", we don't see anyone giving that up.

I have made careful note that folks who flail their hands in this manner mostly use Vedanta as a crutch to justify their own lethargy, inadequacy, lack of initiative or involvement in the civil sphere. Not consciously, but that's what it amounts to anyway. Spiritual Scapegoat-ism.

The odd thing is they don't show dispassion in any other area of their lives, or bring about the slightest alteration in a lifestyle that is GROSSLY inconducive to an Adhyaatmika pursuit, but somehow when it comes to Dharma, they develop instant Vairaagya faster than a vial of Eno Powder neutralizes acidity.

Earlier on I would have found it irksome, but I've learned to view such attitudes more sympathetically (albeit with traces of amusement and a leftover sense of irony). But nonetheless, I won't ingratiate or pamper 'Spiritual Escapists' who not only leave problems of the world on the shoulders of others, but worse, gloat about their superiority through inaction, and get in the way of those actually trying to do something about it.

Niyatam kuru karma tvam

Karma jyayo hy akarmanah

Sarira-yatrapi ca te

Na prasiddhyed akarmanah

"Perform your prescribed duty, for action is better than inaction. A man cannot even maintain his physical body without work."

-Bhagavad Gita, Ch. 3, V. 8

Post 2: Following up from the prev. post, one of the reasons (aside from lacking hierarchical structure) other religious groups are well-organized while Hindus aren't, is because of our penchant for inaction.

Take Jews, small community in the US, as are Hindus. Both have done well economically, but the Jews leave us far behind in their zest for cultural preservation. As an example- they have special Rabbinical Schools for their children to be educated in the traditional Jewish way of living. Their private schools are among the best- even some of our *Indian* friends send their kids there.

Hindus have nothing even comparable. On the contrary, if parents dream of sending their kids to a Veda paathshaala, the first opposition they will face is from other Hindu friends or family members who worry about "their future", and how they will cope without a full-blown "Secular Education". Jewish kids cope just fine and grow up to do exceedingly well in life.

Jews are also very forthright about history and not wishy-washy about the injustice meted out against their people, we tinpot Hindus on the other hand will sing tributes and make excuses for our aggressors. You know, the usual kind- But, but, but the British gave us English and Railroads... the Mughals brought the tabla and Mughlai Cuisine...

While it is fair to blame the invaders for the horrific things they did which certainly pushed our progress back a few centuries, in the present moment, at least some of that blame falls on us for not making the most of our opportunities when we actually have them. In effect, we've become our own worst enemies. Uttishtha Bhaarata!

Prashant Parikh<prashantparikh@gmail.com>


Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:39 am (PDT) . Posted by:



Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:34 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Blend Your Wishes with God's Will (Jun 19, 2018)

Posted by: sadhak_insight

Main point is that we must not desire that things happen according to our wishes. Even if we have the best of desires, then too, our mind-intellect are not so pure that they can discern what is best for our spiritual well-being. Therefore, let your desires, be aligned with God's will. Let us do as per His will.

It is wrong to want God and Guru, abide in your way. Rather, we must see towards what their wish is and do accordingly. Dictating our terms and wants, assumes that God and Guru do not already know what is best for us. It does not mean not to say anything at all. Yes, like a child, you may say what comes in your mind, just to get it out of your system, and become free of all worries and fears. But do not say it with the intent of wanting your desires and wishes fulfilled. Rather, say is to lighten your heart and to get it out of your system. Just like a child tells whatever he feels to his "Maa". He says it simply straight-forwardly ! It does not mean that you tell with the intent of asking for silly things. Have no reservations in telling, but at the same time do not ask for things. Do not keep any doubts within. The more the relationship is open, the more that we clarify the better it is. Gita 18:66 tells us this point. Why is it that only Arjuna received the knowledge from the Lord, when an entire army of 18 "akshonies&quot; was present?.

Just like Eklavya, gained all the knowledge, because of his exclusivity "anayataah&quot;. Exclusive faith, belief in his Guru's grace, even though the Guru did not accept him as a disciple. He became a better archer than even Arjuna. So why is it so ? Was there something lacking in Arjuna's feelings ? There may have been some pride in Arjuna's own abilities and knowledge. Eklavya had only one feeling, that it was only by Guru's grace by which he was able to learn the skill of archery.

In "adhyaatma&quot; (knowledge about Truth), even if Guru is incapable, the student can gain immensely. God himself will make certain that the disciple gains the desired knowledge. Therefore let there not be "manushya buddhi" in Guru i.e. seeing "Guru" as a person. If our sentiments are that the Guru is the greatest of all, like God, then the responsibility will be on God to make certain we are not let down. Sethji (Shri Jayadayal Goyandka) says, that when an aspirant turns to to a saint, a mahatma, his duty is over. Let us therefore simply give ourselves (take refuge in the Lord). However he wishes to make us, let him do so. The potter molds the clay on the potter's wheel, and turns it into a beautiful pot. The iron turns itself over to become steel. The aspirant does not have to worry or be concerned. It is the Guru's responsibility. If the Guru is not proper, and the aspirant is sincere and has intense longing for the Truth, then God Himself will send the aspirant to someone else, or the Guru will become worthy of the aspirant. We do not have to have any doubts. When we begin to desire things of this world (bhoutik) things, then it is a problem.

Remain as humble as possible with your Guru. (This humility is the real dust of His Lotus Feet - "charano ki rajji"). Be aware of all that will make him happy! Even saying "shower your grace on me," (kripa karo) is showing disrespect. Do according to His wishes. As such the Guru's body is not the Guru. Simply pay attention to his teachings (vachans) and revere his words. Guru is knowledge (gyaan). If you do not listen due to your pride, you will fall. Do not be deceitful. God does not like craftiness. Be simple and straight forward in heart. There should be nothing lacking in your feelings. Blend your wishes ( `Yes' Maharaj) with His Will (Uski Haa mein Haa milaa do) . Our aim (lakshya), our surrendering (sharanagati) are the main things. All will take place by His grace. Krishna is the Guru of all. "Krishnam vande jagat guru".

Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:37 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Quotes from the book 'Direct Teaching of Bhagavan Ramana' by "Geetha Shamanna"

"Turn all your enquiries towards search for Self. The force set up within you will operate in others also."

--- Talk No. 109

"Just on waking from sleep and before becoming aware of the world there is that pure 'I'- 'I' .. Hold to it without sleeping or without allowing thoughts to possess you. If that is held firm it does not matter even though the world is seen. The seer remains unaffected by the phenomena."

--- Talk No. 196

"The only useful purpose of the present birth is to turn within and realise it. There is nothing else to do."

--- Talk No. 219

M: The mind is by nature restless. Begin liberating it from its restlessness; give it peace; make it free from distractions; train it to look inward; make this a habit. This is done by ignoring the external world and removing the obstacles to peace of mind.

--- Talk No. 26

D.: Distractions result from inherited tendencies. Can they be cast off too?

M.: Yes. Many have done so. Believe it! They did so because they believed they could.

M.: Success begets success. If one distraction is conquered the next is conquered and so on, until all are finally conquered.

--- Talk No. 28

M.: When told you are not the ego, realise the Reality. Why do you still identify yourself with the ego? It is like saying --- "Don' t think of the monkey while taking medicine" --- it is impossible.

The significance must be traced and understood. It is not enough to repeat the bare words or think of them.

Reality is simply the loss of the ego. Destroy the ego by seeking its identity. Because the ego is no entity it will automatically vanish and Reality will shine forth by itself. This is the direct method. Whereas all other methods are done, only retaining the ego. In those paths, there arise so many doubts and the eternal question remains to be tackled finally.

But in this method the final question is the only one and it is raised from the very beginning.

There is no greater mystery than this --- viz., ourselves being the Reality we seek to gain Reality. We think that there is something hiding our Reality and that it must be destroyed before the Reality is gained. It is ridiculous. A day will dawn when you will yourself laugh at your past efforts. That which will be on the day you laugh is also here and now.

D.: So it is a great game of pretending?

M.: Yes.

In Yoga Vasishtha it is said: "What is Real is hidden from us, but what is false, is revealed as true." We are actually experiencing the Reality only; still, we do not know it. Is it not a wonder of wonders?

The quest "Who am I?" is the axe with which to cut off the ego.

--- Talk No. 146

Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:38 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Godliness is both a decision and a disposition

When we strive to lead a godly life, we soon realize that some of us are innately inclined towards God, while others aren't. We may notice such differences from early childhood – some children gravitate towards God faster than others. Why this difference?

It's because of our inborn nature. The Bhagavad-gita (16.01-03) lists several virtues, concluding that the godly are born with these qualities (16.03). Next, it lists several vices that the ungodly are born with (16.04).

Why are we born with certain qualities? Because we cultivated those qualities in our previous lives. Gita wisdom explains that we are souls on a multi-life journey of spiritual evolution. Souls who were godly in their previous lives have godliness as their inherent disposition in this life. That disposition helps them march further and faster in their spiritual journey.

What if we don't have a godly disposition? We can still cultivate godliness as a decision. We always have free will, and we can use that free will constructively by acting with our intelligence, specifically intelligence sharpened through scriptural study. The same Gita chapter that describes inborn dispositions concludes by urging us to mold our actions according to scripture (16.24). This recommendation implies that our dispositions don't predetermine our decisions. Undoubtedly, our dispositions will push us towards certain actions. But we can certainly counter-push. And studying scripture provides us the intellectual conviction to counter-push.

Another powerful influencer of our actions is our association. By bad association, the innately godly can become ungodly. Conversely, by good association, the innately ungodly can become godly.

Ultimately, we can transform ourselves most efficaciously by associating with the omnipotent supreme, Krishna. The process that connects us with him, bhakti-yoga, can elevate and liberate even the low-born (09.33).

Therefore, irrespective of our past, if we resolve to cultivate godliness, our future will be auspicious.

Think it over:

What determines our inborn nature?

What is the relationship between our dispositions and our decisions?

If our disposition happens to be ungodly, what all things can help us counter-push against it?

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/godliness-is-both-a-decision-and-a-disposition/ https://www.gitadaily.com/godliness-is-both-a-decision-and-a-disposition/

Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:44 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Observe Me; what benefit can I derive from all My activity, I who assigns all benefits to all activities according to what they deserve? But yet, you will find Me busy from dawn to dusk, from dusk to dawn. I finish My lunch or dinner within minutes so that I can teach you the value of time; I attend to the smallest detail of all the various items of work, for I try to set an example for you, in meticulous attention to, and careful anticipation of, all contingencies. I know many of you idle away hours on end, wasting precious hours in idle gossip, purposeless talk and debate. When you practise the attitude that God is everywhere as the witness of every act of yours, that God is in every being you meet and serve, then, you will certainly be rewarded by a Vision of the Lord. When you have this brilliant chance, do not let it go through ignorance or negligence. The best way to win Grace is to obey instructions, follow the advice, and submit to the control exercised with lot of Love.

Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:18 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Sri Rama Chandra is a ocean of Sat Gunamulu
Sri Rama conquered Kamam and accordingly he killed Ravana who was conquered by Kamam(lust).
Sri Rama conquered Krodham and accordingly he won the heart of ParasuRama who was conquered by Krodham(anger)
Sri Rama conquered Madam(haughtiness) and accordingly he killed Taataki who was conquered by Madam.
Sri Rama broke Deha Moham(attachment with body) and accordingly he broke the bow of Eswara as this bow just like Deham(body) is a tool in the hands of Eswara.
Sri Rama conquered Lobham/miserliness and accordingly Sri Rama being bound by the promise made to Vibhishana came forward to the idea of making Ravana as the king of Ayodhya provided Ravana realized his fault and surrendered to him.
Sri Rama conquered Maatsaryam (jealousy) as he was never jealous of Ravana because of his wealth and the mighty force.
Thus having conquered the six invisible and most dreadful enemies, Sri Rama could easily kill the visible valiant enemies like Ravana and Kumbhakarna etc.

www.telugubhakti.com  - A one stop Bhakti and Cultural portal.

[racchabanda] రచ్చబండ కవితలు


In a snap


టైమెంత అంటే చూపించే గడియారం, ఏ వారం అంటే చెప్పే కేలండర్

నీకిష్టమైన డిజైనర్ ఇప్పుడు స్టోర్ లో, అని టెక్స్ట్

డెంటల్ ఎప్పాయింట్మెంట్ ఈ వారం ఇన్నింటికి అని రిమైండర్

ఇలాటి యుటిలిటీస్ తో ప్రాణం హాయిగా ఉంది.


కార్ పార్క్ చేసే వాలేతో, చిరునవ్వుతో లోని కాహ్వానించే డోర్మెన్ తో

హాయిగా మెన్యూలో ఉన్నవాటిని గురించి చెప్పి, షాంపేన్ తెచ్చిచ్చే వెయిటర్తో

లాబీలో కాన్సియర్జ్తో, "కెన్ ఐ కమ్ అండ్ సిట్ విత్ యూ" -అని అడిగి వచ్చి కూర్చుని

ఓపెన్ గా మాట్లాడే అపరిచితులతో నా ప్రాణం హాయిగా ఉంది.


మెటఫర్లూ, కవిత్వాలూ, సంగీతాలూ, స్లోగన్లూ, పాశ్చరింగ్లూ, పుస్తకాలూ, మేధావితనం లేని 

ఒక సింపుల్ ఆనెస్టీ, ఒక  ప్లీజింగ్ సర్విస్, ఒక స్ట్రెయిట్ టాక్,

నా ప్రాణం All of a sudden కోరుతూ ఉంది.


I am making rapid shifts.

- Lyla


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[racchabanda] Re: రచ్చబండ కవితలు


>అసందిగ్ధ స్థితి లో ఉండలేరు, 
సందిగ్ధ స్థితి లో ఉండలేరు,

There you go. I made a correction, finally. -Lyla


Posted by: lylayfl@aol.com
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