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UPA NAYANAM by swamypvap


Sun Jul 1, 2018 11:08 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Eswara has three Netramulu(three eyes). The third Netram is Agni Netram/Jhnana Netram.
This Netram is beyond the left eye as well as the right eye which means it is beyond Dvaitam(Dualism). This Absolute eye once it is active/open provides Absolute sight as it is equidistant from both the eyes.
Upa Nayanam is the process of initiation of Gayatri Mantram . Thus Upa Nayanam is the process of making the mind of a boy very near to the Agni Netram/Jhnana Netram/ Absolute view.Accordingly the mind of a Brahmachaari revolves around Eswara only.

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one should lend his ears to hear Atma Bodha by surrendering to a Sat Guru. Here Karna Kunadalamu signify that Eswara is Aatharam of Andamulu, Pindamulu and Brahmmaandamulu
Having thus assimilated the spiritual teachings , one should recall the contents to mind and contemplate on its essence and extract the hidden meaning/ underlying sense(Antara Artham)/Nija Dhanam/Parama Artham(spiritual sense).
Nidhi . Thus one should extract Nitya Vastu Jhnanam/Amrutam through Mananam/Manthanam(churning) of Ksheera Saagaram(ocean of knowledge).
Having thus earned Nija Dhanam (Absolute knowledge)/Nitya Vastu Jhnanam,one should utilize Parama Artham to undertake the journey (Yaanam) of Dhi(intellect) towards the Parama padam/Eswara/Atma to withdraw inner peace and happiness as Eswara is Chidaananda Rupam..
As Dhyana Gamyam(destination) is Eswara having Tri Lochanamulu,(three eyes), Bhaavam in Hrudayam(mind) reaches the third eye Agni Netram/Jhnana Netram (Absolute eye) and opens it and burns the Anga Bhaavana/Deha Moham (association with body) which is Anityam.
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