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Thu Aug 16, 2018 11:51 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"Kishan Rao Sangem" sangem.kishanrao

*Rug 1.23.1 "Ganaanaam thvaa.........." is about the
omniscient-sarvaantharyami ,not Parvathi's son Vighneshvara*


" Ganaanaam thvaa Ganpathim havaamahe kavim kaveenaam upa mashrava thamam,
jyeshta raajam brahmanaam brahmanaspada shrunvan noothi (oothi+bhih) bhihi
sieda saadanam".

Above is narrowly interpreted by many Pourohits/sanskrit scolars, it is
recited in Ganpathi Pooja, and other shubha karmas.Ganaathi;s broa meaning
is " official of main goods" & ganaanam is notable important matterws. He
is not merely Vinaayaka s/o goddess Parvathi.

*Padarha*:Ganaanam=Notable important goods,Ganapathi=officer of main goods,
kaveenaam= good person (with wisdom),kavim=sarvagnyudu, upam sharavasthavam
=person quoted while giving upamaanam,jyeshtarajam=Jyeshtudu/praise-worthy
person,sthva= you atr paeameshvara, havaamahe=invite/receive ,othibhih=
protection, krunvan=hearing, nah=ours, saadana=place where we are staying,
seeda=allow to stay with stability.

Meaning=We are owners of wealth & important goods,we invoke the
omniscience(ganapathi) &pray him.
If my understanding is wrong, please correct.

S Kishan Rao,Prof of Economics
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[racchabanda] Re: పల్లవి # pallavi#


After an arduous plane travel, and then having to drive thru a sudden and blinding storm, I need this test for relaxation and unwinding. Thank you!


I think this is the song you have in mind. (Although you might have made some mistakes. Not me. Of course not.) 


నందన వనమీ సుందర జగమే అందము చిందే వలపూ

చందము నాదే

విందులు నావే


పున్నమి చందురు సోయగమూ కన్నుల దూకే కైరవమూ

విరిసే నది యేలా

తెలుపవె ఓ బాలా


Have a good night!




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