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Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:09 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Taking advice from vice traps us in the vise of vice

The vise of vice refers to the unbreakable grip (vise) with which we are held by our lower desires (vices). An example of such entrapment is alcoholism.

Taking advice from vice means treating our lower desires as reliable guides for deciding what to do and what to not do.

We may wonder, "Why would we take advice from vice?" Because we usually take advice from our intelligence, and vice often contaminates our intelligence. The Bhagavad-gita (03.40) cautions that vice corrupts not just our senses and our mind, but also our intelligence. For example, alcoholics may (ab)use their intelligence to hide their addiction from others or to even to themselves live in denial of it. Or if the problem can't be covered, they may abuse their intelligence to rationalize or trivialize the problem: to justify that what they are doing is ok or to claim that it is not a big problem.

If we take one or more of these four bad advices from vice, we become intellectually defenseless against vice's attacks, thereby indulging in it more and more. And with each indulgence, vice becomes stronger. It prods and persuades us more forcefully towards future indulgences. Thus, we end up increasingly caught in vice's vise-like grip.

How can we free ourselves? By using our intelligence (the part of our intelligence that is still uncontaminated) to understand our spiritual identity and destiny (03.43).

For such spiritualization, we need to start taking advice from Krishna, the all-pure supreme who is beyond all vice. By that advice, we get the inner clarity to catch vice whenever it misleads us. And when we act on Krishna's advice to practice bhakti-yoga, we become purified, thereby weakening and silencing vice's voice.

By such inner clarity and purity, we progress undistractedly towards freedom from vice.

Think it over:

What are four broad ways in which vice gives us bad advice?

How does taking advice from vice trap us in the vise of vice?

How can we get the inner clarity and purity to free ourselves from vice?

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/taking-advice-from-vice-traps-us-in-the-vise-of-vice/ https://www.gitadaily.com/taking-advice-from-vice-traps-us-in-the-vise-of-vice/

Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:45 am (PST) . Posted by:


The Divine Commander

by Sri Swami Chidananda

Radiant Immortal Atman! Beloved and blessed children of the Divine! Members of the spiritual family of beloved and worshipful Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, gathered in his spiritual presence this early morning! This morning you have contemplated the Eternal, you have contemplated the Divine, in chanting His Divine Name, in silent inner prayer, through kirtan and meditation. You have contemplated that which is, that which ever was and ever shall be-beginningless, endless, infinite and eternal. May the grace of that supreme Divine Reality shower upon you!

We have entered the second day of the auspicious six-day worship of Lord Muruga or Saravanabhava, Karttikeya, Subrahmanya, Shanmukha. Shanmukha means one who is six-faced. Etymologically and metaphysically He is regarded as having six faces. Shad means six, mukha means face, and when these two coalesce, according to grammatical rules, they become Shanmukha, the six-faced.

Esoterically we may regard "six-faced" as being spelt six-phased.. He has six phases or six aspects in which He manifests Himself. All of them represent grace. One represents protection. Another represents benediction. A third represents encouragement: "Do not fear when I am here. Why do you fear?" Others represent auspiciousness, benign compassion and the light of wisdom. Each one of these six facets of Shanmukha manifests, reflects and radiates a certain sublime quality of the Supreme Being, a certain sublime quality of the Divine. They are qualities that mean something to us, mean something to the individual soul that is engaged in this life's journey.

The individual soul, when awakened, knows that the end of this journey is not death, that it is spiritual perfection, that it is liberation, that it is the attainment of immortality and that death has no meaning in the light of this fact, this great truth. Immortality is the birthright of each individual soul precisely because it is a part of the Universal Soul, Which is the Eternal Reality, the one and the only eternal, unchanging, ever-present Reality. This experienced truth has established the fact that our being is that which is timeless, beyond time, eternal and that our being is imperishable, indestructible and immortal. There can be no question of any death for the indestructible. There can be no death for the immortal.

http://www.dlshq.org/religions/commander.htm http://www.dlshq.org/religions/commander.htm

Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:30 am (PST) . Posted by:


MASTER'S (Swami Sivananda's) CONTROL OVER NATURE: A little incident which happened many years ago during the British reign in India, illustrates strikingly the control the Master had over Nature.

An English general came to Muni-ki-Reti to fish in the Ganges, known far and wide for its abundance of fish. Leaving his car on the roadside, the general went to the river bank with his aide. There he happened to see the Master. He greeted him by just touching his cap in a careless manner, while the Master himself bowed to him after the Indian fashion. They did not talk to each other. Then the officer threw the angling-line in a high bow into the river.

A disciple of the Master requested the officer, "Sir, the Swami implores you not to fish in this spot which is holy to us. Fish are living beings. They do not hurt us. Could it be justified to destroy their life?"

"It is not the Swami's business!" snapped the general, and threw the line again. Hours passed, but not one fish bit the hook! The general grew weary He was disappointed and astonished at the same time.. As it grew dark, he gave up fishing and ordered his adjutant to return.

Suddenly, on impulse, he directed his steps towards the Master's cottage and said to him sadly, "Dear Swami, I have lived in India for a long time. I can understand the power of your will and thoughts. It is stronger than my commands and wishes. Therefore, I do not take amiss your interference in my fishing expedition. I return home with empty hands."

Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:40 pm (PST) . Posted by:


"Lord Subrahmanya showed His Bala Leelas in Tiruchendur and had His Samadhi in Kathirgamam, near Jaffna, Ceylon. If anyone goes to Kathirgamam with faith, devotion and piety and stays in the temple for two or three days, Lord Subrahmanya gives His Vibhuti to the devotees in the shape of instructions. The devotee gets mystical experiences. A big festival is held in this temple every year on Skanda Shashti. Mountains of camphor are burnt on this occasion. Thousands of people gather there for the occasion." – Swami Sivananda

Tue Nov 13, 2018 7:29 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Sweet and tender-hearted boys and girls! In our culture we have four injunctions: "Matru devo bhava, Pitru devo bhava, Acharya devo bhava, Atithi devo bhava - Regard your mother, father, teacher and guests as God". Ever since you entered this world, your mother has loved you, has fostered you with her own blood and wishes for your welfare constantly. So first and foremost you must learn to respect her. Your father protects you and thinks constantly of your future, welfare and prosperity. Hence you should show affection and regards to him too. Mother gives you the body, father shows you ways of protecting and fostering it, but the teacher enables the intelligence in you to flourish. Life does not consist merely of eating. Education is that which shows how one should conduct oneself in society. So the teacher who gives you this ability should be honoured. And the society is the place where all of these can be put to use. Therefore, considering guests as representatives of society, we should offer them the due respect and honour. Sri Satya Sai Baba

Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:07 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Diabetes Information Booklet

DIABETES MELLITUS - The "Sugary" Disease

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition, which prevents the body from using starches and sugars in a normal way.

Normally food sugars are eaten, digested and changed into "Glucose", which are then acted upon by insulin (a hormone produced by a gland called pancreas) and used for energy or stored for later use.

In diabetes, the pancreas can not produce enough insulin; or it can not properly use the insulin it produces.

As a result, excess glucose accumulates in the blood and may appear in the urine in large quantities.

In such a case, the body must draw on fats and proteins, instead of on glucose, for the energy it needs.

Are There Different Types of Diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes mellitus -

Type 1 (Insulin dependent) earlier called as juvenile diabetes

Type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) earlier called as maturity onset diabetes

Type 1 :

It usually appears abruptly in childhood or young adults and can develop rapidly. As the name suggests, insulin therapy is necessary in addition to proper diet and exercise.

Type 2 :

Less abrupt in onset and occurs most often occurs in overweight adults. Progress is usually slower with lesser symptoms. Diet and exercise alone can often manage it. Insulin therapy or medication may be required if blood sugar levels are very high.

Can Diabetes Be Cured?

As yet there is no cure. Once detected diabetes is a lifelong disease. However, there is excellent treatment available. With help and advice from the doctor, a person with diabetes can learn how to control it and continue a healthy, active life.

Why do people develop diabetes?

Our insulin requirement is determined by genetic factors and is more in overweight persons. The demand increases with age and is temporarily increased in pregnancy and during infections and illnesses.

Our insulin supply is determined by genetic factors and it decreases with age, dropping rapidly in the elderly.

It can disappear suddenly in the young, producing type 1 diabetes. Otherwise, diabetes mellitus manifests when the demand outstrips the supply.

This is specially noticed in pregnancy and during illness, but occurs insidiously in the majority, as the age advances (type 2 diabetes).

Thus diabetes mellitus occurs when there is an absolute or relative lack of insulin, because of which glucose can not be adequately transferred to the liver and muscles (therefore weakness and wasting).

More glucose remains in the blood, flooding the organs where glucose can go freely, viz. eyes, nerves, kidneys, and blood cells, which get damaged or impaired in function.

As the level in the blood crosses a threshold (usually 180 mg / dl) glucose leaks into the

Am I Likely to Develop Diabetes?

If you have diabetic relatives (Direct blood relations)

If you are above forty years of age

If you are overweight and inactive

If you are a woman who has had a baby weighing more than 4Kgs (9lbs or more)

Symptoms of Diabetes:

People with type 2 diabetes often feel unwell for long periods without knowing why. They may also experience other symptoms such as:

Simple Tests Can Help Detect Diabetes!

If the doctor is suspecting diabetes, then he will probably ask you to take two tests-

Urine test -

Urine is checked for presence of glucose

Blood test -

This is more precise and tells you the exact level of glucose in the blood

In borderline cases, you may be given a sugary drink and then your blood will be collected at certain intervals to check for glucose levels.

What is diabetes control?

Diabetes control can mean different things to different people.

While to the patient with diabetes, control of symptoms and blood sugar may seem adequate, the doctor may want to ensure that associated problems such as blood fats, blood pressure etc. are also kept in check to ensure that long term complications are prevented or their progression halted.

To achieve good control, you must understand the disease. The doctor can help you in this. Remember that you are the key person in the management of the disease.

There are three aspects of diabetes treatment -




Diet :



You can help control diabetes with proper diet. Proper diet forms an essential part of treatment. At times diet alone can control type 2 diabetes.

Your doctor or dietitian can suggest you the right diet plan for you. Your diet plan depends upon your age, weight, and sex, exercise pattern and the type of diabetes that you have.

Avoid sweets and oily foods. Meals are eaten at regular intervals to maintain a proper blood sugar level.

Exercise :

No matter what treatment is used, exercise is the key in leading a healthy, normal life. Exercise burns body sugar quickly and improves the body's ability to use insulin.

Exercise also helps overweight people shed excess pounds - and keep them off.

Medication :

Medication can be of two types -

Oral tablets -

They are useful in some cases of type 2 diabetes. Based on your blood sugar levels doctor will advise you the right tablet and proper dosage of the same.

Insulin -

People with type 1 diabetes always require insulin. Those with type 2 diabetes are prescribed insulin when neither diet nor oral medication is sufficient to control diabetes.

There are several types of insulin. Each varies in speed and action.

A physician prescribes the correct type and amount, matching it with diet, exercise and the lifestyle.

The treatment plan is highly individualized and one has to follow it religiously in order to achieve good diabetic control.

What Happens if My System Gets Out Of Balance?

Too little a sugar in the blood or too much sugar in the blood is harmful to the body.

Hypoglycemia :

Too little sugar in the blood. Delaying or skipping a meal, more exercise than usual or larger insulin dose than usual, may cause this.

Hyperglycemia :

Very high blood sugar levels. Increased eating, infection or illness or skipping a dose of medication causes this

The warning signs are:

Hypoglycemia Hyperglycemia

Sudden Onset Gradual

Pale, moist Skin Flushed, dry

Normal Breath Fruity odour

Normal to shallow Breathing Deep labored

Absent Vomiting Present

Present Hunger Absent

Absent Thirst Present

Both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia conditions require emergency treatment.. So a physician needs to be contacted urgently.

Diabetes often affects other organs. Complications slowly progress over a period of time. It can affect -

Blood vessels





Can I Prevent It?

Though there is no full proof method for preventing diabetes, exercise and weight loss will atleast postpone diabetes in overweight persons with strong family history.

Care to be taken

Once detected, diabetes is a lifelong disease. To lead healthy life and to prevent the occurrence of complications, be sure to -

Test blood sugar at regular intervals

Strictly follow your physician's advice

Medications and dosage time should be strictly adhered to

Follow the diet and exercise plan properly

Take care of your eyes and feet as advised to you by your physician

So A Person With Diabetes Can

Learn how to control it

Continue a healthy, active life

Follow the above mentioned tips to lead a healthy and a happy life.


Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:44 pm (PST) . Posted by:


That which is, the One Reality, may be represented by a form, a japa, mantra, vichara or any kind of attempt. All of them finally resolve themselves into that One Single Reality. Bhakti, vichara, japa are only different forms of our efforts to keep out the unreality. ... Bhagavan Ramana - Talks: 401.

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Go figure!


Earlier in the day

Her hands could not get their act together

To play even teeny tiny tunes;

Now into the night she is intently reading -

Multi-Stage Exposition in Mahler's symphonies.




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