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Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:02 am (PST) . Posted by:


Devotion needs to be expressed to be experienced and enriched

Some people say, "Devotion is a matter of the heart. Why exhibit it to the world?"

Yes, devotion doesn't need to be exhibited, but it does need to be expressed appropriately. That's how we function in all our relationships.

Suppose a child is crying and his mother keeps watching TV and keeps repeating, "I love my child in my heart." Such a statement would be ludicrous – if she really loves her child, she needs to express that love by comforting him.

This principle of appropriate expression applies also to our devotional relationship with Krishna. The Bhagavad-gita (18.65) states that we attain Krishna when we engage in not just internal activities such as remembering him and offering our heart to him, but also external activities such as worshiping him and bowing down to him.

Our external actions shape our emotions. Suppose someone leans back on a chair, rests their head on their palms, places their legs on a desk – and then claims, "I am humbly praying to God." Obviously, their bossy posture will impede a mood of humble prayerfulness.

In contrast, when we behold Krishna in a temple, if we reverentially fold our hands and bow before him, that expression will enhance our experience of devotion. Such appropriate expression stimulates our devotion – if we are not feeling devotional, it activates devotion within us; and if we are feeling devotional, it deepens our devotion.

Of course, if someone bows before Krishna only to make a show of devotion so that people may praise them for their piety, such exhibitionism won't aid their devotion. However, not everyone engages in devotional actions just to exhibit their devotion; many do so to express it. And that's the scriptural recommendation.

To conclude, devotion shouldn't be exhibited, but it should be expressed to be experienced and enriched.

Think it over:

In our relationships, we need to express our emotions through actions. Explain with an example.

What is the difference between exhibition of devotion and expression of devotion?

Our external actions can enhance or impede our inner devotion. Explain with examples.

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/devotion-needs-to-be-expressed-to-be-experienced-and-enriched/ https://www.gitadaily.com/devotion-needs-to-be-expressed-to-be-experienced-and-enriched/

Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:31 am (PST) . Posted by:


Dear Students, first render your homes bright by pleasing your parents. Do not be arrogant towards them because you have studied a few things. The advice given by gurus during convocations in hermitages was the same - "Mother and Motherland are more worthy of reverence than Heaven. Your parents are sacrificing their comforts and even necessities in order to ensure your progress. It is your duty to revere them and make them happy.. Engage yourselves in acts that others will respect and not in acts of which you feel ashamed. Honour the elders. Love your native land." They would exhort: "Consider the Mother as God. Consider the Father as God. Consider the Teacher as God. Consider the Guest as God." Follow this fourfold exhortation with full faith in its validity, derive bliss therefrom and inspire others by your example, so that the Motherland may progress and prosper. Fulfill this desire of mine, with My blessings. Sri Satya Sai Baba

Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:34 am (PST) . Posted by:

"DR. PRASAD BULUSU" skindeep_drprasad

Is  anybody  giving  attention  to  this  person's  devilish  writings  ?
who  is  this  kishanraosangem  &  why  do  we  keep  him  as  a  member  ?
just  to  listen  to  his  hate-filled   ,  venomous  , malicious  &  derogatory  words  which  debase  and  tarnish  the  image  of  our  pious  and  meaningful  culture  and  religion ?
is  he  worth  a  millionth  of  the  authors  of  puranas  ?
is  he  an  authority  on  these  matters  ?if  so  , let  him  go  and  argue  with  scholars  all  over  India  !
why  lurking  here  and  spraying  mud  on  us  ?

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Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:03 am (PST) . Posted by:


On 19th November 1987, in Vrindavan, Maharajshri ji cast away his mortal coil and attained Videhamukti. On the 20th, his body was immersed in Yamuna-nadi via the rites accompanying Jalasamadhi. As far as the eyes could see- an estimated 20,000 devotees, students, sadhus and sants from all over Bhaarat had thronged to the Anand Vrindavan Ashram to receive Swamiji's final blessings. Though they were taught the truth of the Sacchidananda Atman, there was no denying they would deeply miss the manifestation of the same Atman in the form of Maharajshri ji.

His life was an archetypal lesson in Jnana and Bhakti. He inspired countless seekers - depending on adhikara bheda - to uncover the truth of the self, and likewise to gain shelter and solace at the liberating feet of Bhagavan.

So many incidents from Swamiji's life come to mind, but since I addressed the Saguna /Nirguna aspect in yesterday's post (on Facebook, where I mentioned Vedanta without Bhakti is like a Lake without Water, Song without Music, and Poetry without Rhyme), it is fitting to continue that train of thought.

Swamiji attained tremendous Anusthana bala through Japa. Upon the completion of a Purashcharana on the Gayatri mantra, Swamiji was then given the Ashtakshari Krishna mantra by his Guru, in which he also attained Mantra Siddhi. Swamiji's love for Krishna was so intense that even while asleep, devotees would find Maharajshri uttering Krishna... Krishna incessantly. At one point, Krishna bhagavan manifested before him and blessed him to begin his 'formal' study of Vedanta. I stress on 'formal' because Maharajshri was already a Brahmajnani since a tender age, but the formal study would initiate him per the tradition, as a teacher.

Swamiji recognized that one size doesn't fit all. Therefore he was very quick to separate his many students into a Bhakti Pradhana or Jnana Pradhana 'lifestyle' (I'm careful to not use the word 'path', but that's a separate topic).

Swamiji taught: Chahe bhaavse bithao chahe Vichaarse; parantu baithao apne hrdaya main paramatma ko (whether through devotion or through cognition, but ensure Bhagavan has a seat in your heart). Therefore whichever way one looks at it, Ishvara Bhakti is indispensable.

Swamiji was an incarnation of the Absolute, the Unchanging, and yet, not unlike an Avatara, he descended in this limited form, and ironically through it taught us to transcend all limitations associated with names and forms. He will remain an inspiration throughout our lives. We pray that the fire of Knowledge stays lit, and nectar of Bhakti keeps forever flowing.

To celebrate Swamiji's Nirvanadivas, Swami Divya Chaitanya ji, Somdutt ji and others assembled at Prempuri Ashram yesterday for satsang.

Shri Akhandananda SadGurubhyo Namaha

Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana.

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[racchabanda] రచ్చబండ కవితలు


An amazing Night:

Was it yesterday, may be? I was thinking of the moon? And I went to get some groceries, so I can have some food before Publix closes for thanksgiving, there he was - the moon, so bright, so handsome in the sky. I was charmed.


Today I got a call from my closest kin, that he is doing good, which made me feel enormously grateful to whoever the kind souls are who are protecting him. So much of tension eased. I am so relieved.


I accepted a stat invitation to a thanksgiving dinner - the Korean hostess is so warm, and the host a French Canadian, a geo-morphologist took the trouble to set up a telescope and showed me the Moon, and the Mars.

I just could not believe such miracles can happen.


This is one wonderful Happy Thanks Giving! There is so much to say about just this one day, perhaps some other time, in some other way.

I am all content and will read in bed another Agatha Christie mystery happily tonight. But before that, I want to add the below.



Thanks to You!



నక్షత్రేశ, అంభోజుడ, శీతాంశుడా

అభిరూపుడ! తొగనెచ్చెలీ!

చలువజ్యోతి, నిసివెలుగు, తుహినకరా

కడలివెన్న, కుముదబంధూ!

నీరజారి, నేత్రయోని, చందిరుడ, చెందొవరా!


Above Telugu words are from Andhrabharati. I love referring to Andhra Bharati (Thank You.) for word power as well as to enjoy classical Telugu Literature.

Hopefully each of the above word addressing moon is also representing a చంద్రగణము., (but of course that only stands good if you apply Telugu chandassu rules, inside each word, I suppose.)





My very many special Thanks, to Sreenivas Paruchuri, for being so extraordinarily liberal and generous a host (his kindness is unsurpassable.) for allowing me to be in Racchabanda as though it is my own home, over all these years.


Good Night & Happy Holidays! Dear Friends!


Posted by: lylayfl@aol.com
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