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Sri Satya Sai Baba by p_gopi_krishna


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The observance of morality in daily life, the divinisation of all actions and thoughts, and adherence to ideals - all these constitute culture. Bharatiya Samskriti (culture of Bharat) is a combination of purity, divinity, sublimity and beauty. This combination is best reflected in sports and games. Although there may be differences among nations in their food and recreational habits, the spirit of harmony and unity displayed in sports is a gratifying example to all. It is a distinctive quality of sports that differences are forgotten and persons engage in games in a divine spirit of friendliness and camaraderie. Sports help the players not only to improve their health but also to experience joy. Students must not be content with realising these benefits alone. Equally essential is to promote purity of the mind and develop large heartedness. True humanness blossoms only when your body, mind and spirit are developed harmoniously. Reflect the enthusiasm and effort you display in sports in the spheres of morality and spirituality as well.

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