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Divinize the mind --- Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
To put Krishna's concluding statements (in Chapter 18 of Bhagavadgeeta) in sequence:
1. First is the message to undertake all actions always, but anchor and depend upon the Supreme. Let the sense of doership be there, but underscoring that should be the constant feeling of 'resting on the Supreme'. That divinizes the mind and in that, doership also gets divinized. One has the seeming ownership and claim about actions, but in reality that is overwhelmed by the inward subtle divinization (18.56).

2. Go a step further. Renounce to the Supreme the very idea of doership. For this, ascribe all the actions to their very source, the Supreme. No ownership, claim or fear about what is done or to be done and the consequences it would bring ever arises in this. The mind gets deeply interested in the Supreme. This works as buddhi-yoga, in the level of the intelligence (18.57).
One, with such a divinized mind, gets fused into the Supreme. The resulting enrichment and blessings are such as to derive the power to assimilate and overcome all torments, tussles and enigmas. No further security or support is necessary for such a one (18.58).
3. Locate the Supreme as present in all and hence in your own heart too. Thus the attention should be focused on the Indwelling Supreme. Then direct all sentiments, emotions and attitudes, like placing flowers on the altar, to that Indwelling Presence. That will lead to interminable peace and permanence (18.62).
4. Next comes Krishna's paramount secret. In this pursuit, there is no practice, effort or endeavour. It is but a transformation. Make the mind godly, once for all. Be a devotee, meaning not just a human. Feel you are of God and for Him. Let everything you do be an extension of your offering to the Supreme. No selection, denial, preference or prejudice should assail the mind. As a devotee, whatever you do is but devotional. At best prostrate before the Supreme, whenever you feel like and wherever.
Thereafter, do not be deterred by any consideration, even the ones based on morality or ethics. Instead, get fused into the wholesome oneness, which gives no room for any divisional views. What thus results is instant freedom from all dependences, doubts and fears (18.65-66).
The seeker then attains that infallible abode.

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Let us friendship with DEATH; R U READY - 1

January 29, 2011 at 1:44 AM https://www.facebook.com/notes/master-cvvs-yoga/let-us-friendship-with-death-r-u-ready-1/194675360543659/
Friends, hope doing great. Introducing you our old friend i.e. DEATH. We will afraid of him very much. Is death is such dangerous? Why don't we make friendship with him. These are the writing's of Master Sarvari, from the NIRVANIC LEVELS.

(A new direction)

It is a new path. A pathless path.
It is a path that leads to Life Beyond Death.
It is a new Direction, where direction meet Direction.
It is a search in nothingness, a voyage in silence.

Many Masters in the past traveled to the unknown regions. Many masters in recent times tried to find out new ways and means in blankness. Every one of them strived for success. The unfailing contemplation about the unknown leads one to know of himself. Contemplation leads to Inner Feeling. That Feeling helps flowering of the Self-Our Self blossoms three kinds of flowers, namely
Higher Intelligence and
Higher Consciousness.
These three flowers rescue mankind from bondage and crown with Independency.

Most of the saints and Yogis do not try to find a new path. They just follow a trodden path. They don't contradict each other. Each one follows the guidelines given by his guru. Those that declare independence and follow their Hearts say – become MASTERS.

No two spiritual Masters think alike. They seem to differ in many respects.. Each one is free and independent. The Heaven knows where they could meet. Of course they meet in Brahmam and exchange a wry smile. Unless one searches God or Brahmam in his own way, independently cannot reach the goal. Moksha is not the goal of any truth seeker. One derives full satisfaction, if he travels alone, independently.

Man fears to think of Death. He always tries to run away from Death, but he could not.That is the only zone where man fails miserably. Our Spiritual Masters knew how to fight with death, how to win over death and become Immortal. Satyakama, the son of a low caste woman, Jabali, wanted to know the state of man after Death., the status of soul beyond Death. He met Yama and questioned him directly. "What is there in store for Soul after Death? He lord of death could not answer. To speak the Truth, How Death knows what is after. His authority ends there itself. What remains after Higher Intelligence? That is to be found in Great Silence. That Silence is hidden in Nothingness, Only a Yogi in deep meditation can search in nothingness.

Every Yogi is a disciple till the end. Every Yogi must be true to his heart. Each one must be a Truth-Seeker only one's own heart would reveal the Truth. In reality there is no Goal in Yoga. The field is Vast and Infinite. One who limits himself cannot reach the limitless. One has to face a number of problems in search of Truth. Failures and disappointments are common. At every corner, shadows of Death encircle and threaten him. Death knows that a Truth – Seeker always tries Immortality.

Ordinary people very often invite death, just to escape the riddles of living. He feels, there is greater joy after Death. There would not be suffering in the Lifer After Death. Yes, he is correct. There is a great Joy after death. There is wonderful life beyond death.

Yes, I think out of the way. My mind thinks in Right Direction. What I say 'MY Mind' – is not mine. It is 'My Master' that works through my mind. Masters guidance always comes from Higher Planes. That guidance is filled with Higher consciousness. So, I sincerely believe that my Master or some other Master speaks through my mind. That is super mind work.

Now what you are going to read reveals some truths about Death and many truths about the LIFE BEYOND DEATH. As I experiences, any Yogi with good background with independent spirit can easily travel to Higher Worlds and taste the Bliss.

Will the story of man ends with Death?
Yes, but the history of Soul continues.

Death indicates the end of a Chapter, not the whole book. As a reader takes some rest after finishing one chapter before commencing another chapter, the Soul relaxes after one life. So, what is happening with Death? The Soul departs from the physical body. Yet it will continue to live, to survive after death. It won't die, it doesn't dissolve. It affects no loss. Some culture will be added to the departed soul. When it feels burdensome, it hurries to unload the burden in the next birth. A soul that carries no burden need not come back to another birth. Yoga helps a Soul in that Direction.

In the beginning of 20th Century, a Mahatma, MASTER CVV inaugurated a 'Golden Book' on Yoga. He promised Physical Immortality, long life, Merry life. Master is Brahmam. Brahmam is Eternal, so Master is Eternal. His Grace is at a Prayer distance. OH! What a beautiful phenomenon!

The given notes are wider perspective on Death. It studies Death from many angles. It touches Death. It plays with Death. It teaches how to escape from the jaws of Death. Finally, Man learns how to win over Death. It ultimately leads man to state of Physical Immortality.

Be ready………….

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