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Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:33 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Q: So it amounts to this: I should always look within.
M: Yes.
Q: Should I not see the world at all?
M: You are not instructed to shut your eyes to the world. If you consider yourself to be the body, the world appears as external. If you are the Self, the world appears as Brahman.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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How to Cultivate Sattva Guna --- Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha
Seekers Query:
In several verses of Bhagavadgeetaa, the importance of 'sattva guna' is repeatedly stressed. What are the requirements for cultivating and sustaining this 'guna'?.
Poojya Swamiji's Response:
Understand what this sattva guna is. Once a scientist told me: "I am a nuclear scientist; but I have never seen an atom." It was a remark that gave me a lot of insight. Similarly, you cannot see sattva guna, but you can certainly see its expression and the resultant effect. Every scientist will agree that energy is not directly perceptible. The effects of energy on matter alone are perceptible or identifiable. What are the expressions of sattva guna? They are light, happiness and wisdom or knowledge!
Light means becoming brilliant. When you become brilliant, your mind and intelligence will shine. You must be infused with the spiritual majesty. With sattva increased, even the cells in the body become brilliant. There will be a luminosity pervading the whole body and also radiating from it. This is where brahmacharya helps.
Brahmacharya means celibacy. All of you are householders; I do not know how you will look at it. Householders can certainly practise brahmacharya. A nonmarried person is a brahmacharin; a sannyaasin is also a brahmacharin. There is no practice of celibacy specially to be prescribed for them – celibates they already are. Householders alone will have to practise celibacy.
Celibacy, chanting or remembering God's name, and introspection on scriptural truths will enhance your sattva guna – the first is for the body, the second for the mind, and the third for the intelligence. Introspection means applying your intelligence. When you apply your intelligence and try to understand spiritual propositions, that itself will bring about a lot of brilliance in your system. That is why when you look at a Saint or a Knower of Truth, you get a pleasant sensation, sometimes a 'vibration' too.
Your food must be saattvika. Avoid garlic and onions. Also avoid extremely hot and sour things. If you are fond of pickles, better avoid them. You are taking hot things in order to stimulate the salivary glands in the mouth. But if the food is very well cooked, then the salivary buds must start secreting just by seeing it.
Unfortunately you believe that adding condiments is necessary in order to generate taste. The lesser you use these spices the better. You may use ginger or pepper instead of red chillies. When a green vegetable is boiled, it should not loose its green colour. My dear women, you are cooking everyday, but you are not experts – you must learn the art of cooking. Whenever you cook green vegetables, the vegetable should become greener by cooking! What generally happens is that we over-boil, and the vegetable loses its natural colour and flavour.
Whenever you talk to your friends or others, your talk should not be sharp or rude. You should always listen to and also speak good things, and God should be sufficiently present in your thoughts. There must be elements of devotion, spirituality and introspection, making your talk worthy. So you may have to pick and choose or at least select your friends. Your interactions must reflect the importance you give to God and spirituality. Then others' response also will be harmonious.
Be close to Nature. Appreciate it. Malaysia is extremely blessed so far as natural vegetation is concerned. As you go around, see the forests, look at the trees. From a small seed a huge tree has come. Is it not a wonder? The earth appears to be insentient, but over the insentient earth there are so many plants and trees and living beings! Then, can the earth be really inert and insentient? Earth's denizens are all different. Think and get lost in this wonderful and extensive manifestation. This is something that will enhance sattva guna. Enrich your mind by acquiring good and noble virtues. The mind is enriched by mind's own products and virtues. Contentment is the real wealth of the mind, and not any property or currency notes. Any kind of joy, happiness or delight is emotional in character. Emotion belongs to the mind. So the mind alone generates joy.

When you look at your child and get joy, the joy is not through the child. Joy is from your mind. Ask the mind to generate joy always for you irrespective of the surroundings. The mind will oblige. These are the ways by which sattva guna can be cultivated.

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Everyone Needs to Learn the Importance of True Forgiveness!
This Is Why 'I Forgive You' Are the Most Powerful Words!
Saying "I forgive you" isn't simply an act of kindness that we are obliged to do.

It is a "no" to vengeance, a promise to the future, and a "yes" to peace.
When someone does something wrong to us, it's easy to think negative, angry thoughts of hate, revenge and retaliation, but as you're about to realize in the following explanation, doing so really leads to nothing less than endless regret and burden. May these words resonate with your soul....
Is FORGIVING the best way to deal with the pain you feel when a person stings you deeply and unfairly?
Well, what is the alternative to FORGIVING?
Must you freeze yourself in the unfairness of a cruel moment in the past?
Or should you find a BETTER WAY?
On other occasions, we fall into the habit of seeking revenge, mistakenly believing it to be the better option.
Try as you may, revenge will never get you where you wanted - it will never even the score. It won't give you FAIRNESS.
No matter what our weapons may be, words, unkindness, guns, bombs, nuclear missiles - revenge locks us into an escalation of violence. It mires people in painful guilt for an unjust past.
The only way out is FORGIVENESS.
FORGIVENESS has the power to move us away from the past moment of pain and unshackle us from our endless chain of reactions.
It creates a new situation in which both the wrongdoer and the wronged can begin a NEW WAY.
Forgiveness lightens the load of past wrongs and pains that we are burdened with. It frees us for whatever fairer future lies amid the unknown potential of our tomorrow.
The only way to heal the pain is to forgive the person who hurt you.
This stops the re-runs of pain and heals your memory as you change your vision.
Even though inner lust for revenge remains, we must not give into it.
This can push us deeper into endless repetition of the old unfairness.
"When you release the wrongdoer from the wrong, you cut a malignant tumor, out of your inner life. You set a prisoner free, but you discover that the real prisoner was YOURSELF."
... Lewis B. Smedes

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Time can be a fire in which we burn or a teacher from whom we learn Time is a formidable, inexorable force that pushes us all towards death when our body will be burnt in the funeral fire. Even if in our tradition the body is not burnt, we will still lose at death everything we have held dear. And that loss will be no less painful than being burnt in a fierce fire.

Depicting this scary reality, the Bhagavad-gita in its eleventh chapter describes the kala-rupa, the manifestation of the divine as all-devouring time (11.32). The mouth of this fierce form emanates fire and engulfs everyone, thereby driving home the ultimate futility of all material pursuits.
The temporariness of the material is meant to provoke within us existential questions: What actually lasts? What really matters? What is life meant for? These questions point us towards life's spiritual side, as revealed in wisdom-texts such as the Bhagavad-gita. Unfortunately, most of us don't ponder existential questions; we prefer to exist in denial of death and enjoy worldly pleasures.
When students are not interested in an important subject, a good teacher doesn't just continue teaching, but does whatever is necessary to kindle the students' interest. Similar is the purpose of the supreme teacher, Krishna, in his form as time. When he teaches the Bhagavad-gita, not many of us are interested. To trigger our interest, he as time depicts graphically the ephemerality of everything material. Even if we don't see the kala-rupa, we can see time's destructive power all around us. Time makes smooth faces shriveled, athletic physiques paraplegic and sharp brains senile.
If we learn from Krishna as time the ultimate futility of the material, we open ourselves to Krishna as the speaker of the Gita and as our inner guide. And he leads us to the unending serenity of the spiritual.
Think it over:
• How is time like a fire?
• How is time like a teacher?
• How do Krishna as time and Krishna as our spiritual guide teach together?
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Do not count your tears of pain; do not sulk over your grief. Let them pass through your mind as birds fly through the sky leaving no trail behind; or as flames and floods appear on the screen in a movie hall without burning or dampening the screen. You must not lose heart when you are disappointed. Perhaps, your wish itself was wrong, or its realisation may have landed you in worse situations. Any way, it is the will of the Lord and He knows best. Disappointments and distress are like the skin of the plantain which is there to protect the taste and allow the sweetness to fill the fruit. In such dire straits, let your mind dwell on the splendour of the Divine Self (Atma) and its majesty; that will keep you alert and brave. The antics of the senses and the mind can be arrested by the whip of wisdom of the true Self (Atma jnana).

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