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Sri Satya Sai Baba by p_gopi_krishna
Quotable Quote by p_gopi_krishna
Quotable Quote by p_gopi_krishna
Srimad Bhagavad Gita by p_gopi_krishna
Sanskrita Slokam by p_gopi_krishna
Satsangam by p_gopi_krishna
Satsangam by p_gopi_krishna


Fri Feb 1, 2019 10:54 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Be good, see good, hear good, talk good and do good. The basis for such discipline is to 'think good'. This entails controlling of the mind. Meditation on God is one of the steps for achieving steadiness of mind. Concentration is needed for every action such as even walking on the road, talking, reading, and so on. You should concentrate with single minded devotion on God. Performing work as worship is also tantamount to meditation. You must perform all actions as offering to God. Also, when you have the feeling that Divinity is within you, you will not think, see, hear, talk or do any evil. Having complete faith in the Divinity within is self-confidence. This is the foundation on which the walls of self-satisfaction have to be raised and the roof of self-sacrifice laid, so that the mansion of Self-Realisation is complete.

Fri Feb 1, 2019 10:55 pm (PST) . Posted by:


After committing an error, if one does not immediately attempt to rectify the same, the error will stick to one permanently and become a part and parcel of one's character, and producing all sorts of hindrances, will aggravate the darkness of despair, misery and distress. Whenever the darkness of despair makes its appearance, remove it at once with the help of the divine light, which is auspiciousness itself. (Hanumanprasad Poddar)

Fri Feb 1, 2019 11:04 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Balance of mind brings about real, lasting happiness to a disciplined man. It is indeed a rare commodity that is attained by protracted selfless service with Atma Bhava, equal vision, controlled Indriyas and self-restraint, by developing virtues such as adaptability, broad and generous tolerance and a high degree of endurance, serenity, calmness, command of temper, etc., and the removing anxieties, worries, fear and depression by spiritual Sadhana and meditation. ... Swami Sivananda

Fri Feb 1, 2019 10:56 pm (PST) . Posted by:


If we think we have no vices, we are novices A novice housekeeping employee may think that a room which appears to be clean is clean. But some dust may be so settled as to be not immediately visible. Only when they start cleaning vigorously will they realize how much cleaning needs to be done.

Similar is the experience of novice spiritual practitioners. After some initial practice of bhakti, we may find that we are no longer so troubled by impurities such as lust, anger or greed. And we may start thinking that we now have no vices.
However, vices exist within us at multiple levels, conscious and subconscious. Just because they don't appear at the conscious level doesn't mean they no longer exist at the subconscious level. What appears at the conscious level is shaped significantly by our association, situation and intention. When we spiritualize these three by practicing bhakti-yoga, our conscious thoughts naturally start becoming purer.
However, at a subconscious level, impurities still lurk, waiting for an opportunity to resurface and re-captivate. The Bhagavad-gita (05.23) cautions that vices such as desire and anger may keep surfacing lifelong; if we learn to tolerate their presence without giving in to their influence, we will be well-situated on the path to spiritual connection and satisfaction.
By acknowledging that vices still exist within us, won't we feel discouraged? Not necessarily; we will just be deterred from foolhardy complacence. The fact that vices don't appear so frequently at the conscious level is encouraging – it indicates that bhakti is working. The fact that they still sometimes appear indicates that the work is not yet complete; we need to let bhakti keep working.
How? By guarding our consciousness from impurities and by guiding it towards purity, specifically, the supreme pure reality, Krishna. And by his supreme grace, he will ultimately free us from all vice.
Think it over:
How are we novices if we think we have no vices? Won't acknowledging that vices still exist within us discourage us? How can we let bhakti keep working? https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D19982&picture=http://www.gitadaily.com/wp-content/images/Bhagavad-Gita-Chapter-05-Text-23.jpg http://twitter.com/share?text=If%20we%20think%20we%20have%20no%20vices%2C%20we%20are%20novices&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D19982&hashtags= https://plus.google.com/share?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D19982 http://pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D19982&media=http://www.gitadaily.com/wp-content/images/Bhagavad-Gita-Chapter-05-Text-23.jpg&description=A%20novice%20housekeeping%20employee%20may%20think%20that%20a%20room%20which%20appears%20to%20be%20clean%20is%20clean.%20But%20some%20dust%20may%20be%20so%20settled%20as%20to%20be%20not%20immediately%20visible.%20Only%20when%20they%20start%20cleaning%20vigorously%20will%20they%20realize%20how%20much%20cleaning%20needs%20to%20be%20done.Similar%20is%20the%20experience%20of%20novice%20spiritual... http://bhagavadgitaclass.com/bhagavad-gita-chapter-05-text-23

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/if-we-think-we-have-no-vices-we-are-novices/ https://www.gitadaily.com/if-we-think-we-have-no-vices-we-are-novices/

Fri Feb 1, 2019 11:01 pm (PST) . Posted by:


కృష్ణం కమలపత్రాక్షం
పుణ్య శ్రవణ కీర్తనం,
వాసుదేవం జగద్యోనిమ్,
నౌమి నారాయణం హరిం
నలుపును వెనుకకు వేసి తెలుపును తేటతెల్లం చేస్తుంది కమల పత్రం. ప్రాణుల పాపపు ప్రవర్తనను ప్రక్కకు నెట్టి తెలివిని తేటతెల్లం చేసేది, పుణ్యంగా విచారణగా జిజ్ఞాసతో శ్రవణం చేస్తే విశాలమయ్యేది, ప్రాణులలో వసించి ఆత్మభావంలో ఎరుకగాప్రకాశించేది, జగత్తును తనలో నిలుపుకొన్నది, సర్వత్ర నశించని ధామం, సంసారమునందు పతనమును హరించునది అయి, ఆత్మభావంలో నిత్యమూ వెలిగే కృష్ణునికి లేక కృష్ణ తత్వానికి ద్వైతపరంగా మరియు అద్వైత పరంగాను నమస్కారము చేస్తున్నాను.

Fri Feb 1, 2019 11:02 pm (PST) . Posted by:


12-Fold Disciplines by Swāmi Paramārthānanda ji
Swami Paramarthananda ji's crisp summary of 12 fold disciplines that we need to follow in the spiritual journey (As per the Chapter 4 of Bhagawadgita):

1. Daiva Yajna – Regular worship of Bhagavān.
2. Vishaya Bhoga Yajna – Converting all interactions into worship; whatever we give is an offering and whatever we take is a prasada or an offering to lord within us.
3. Dhama Yajna – Discipline of sense organs.
4. Sama Yajna : Mastery of mind (We should lead the mind, not the other way around).
5. Dravya Yajna : Charity itself is a Yajnam.
6. Tapo Yajna : This refers to penance or control & moderation in everything (Any excess indulgence is a sign of weakness).
7.Yoga Yajna : Practicing Ashtanga Yoga & asanas for physical & mental strength
8.Swadyaya Yajna: Parayanam of scriptures (with or even without the knowledge of meanings).
9. Jnana Yajna (2 types) : Spiritual knowledge on Self which is the highest form of Yajna and
10. Other disciplines or knowledge which will aid the above ( for example knowledge of language like Sanskrit etc.) also called as Apara Vidyas (knowledge on subsidiary limbs of Veda (Veda Angani).
11.Pranayama Yajna : Practice of pranayama ( if done as a spiritual discipline with mantras & Lord's name).
12.Aahara Niyama Yajna: discipline in eating ( it is preferable to have Saatvik Ahara as it also helps controls the mind)

Fri Feb 1, 2019 11:02 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Swami Vivekananda in reply to Sarat Chandra Chakravarty, 1898.

Within you lies indomitable power. Only thinking, "I am nothing, I am nothing" , you have become powerless. Why, you alone!
The whole race has become so. Go round the world once, and you will find how vigorously the life-current of other nations is flowing. And what are you doing? Even after learning so much, you go about the doors of others, crying, "Give me employment" .
Trampled under others' feet doing slavery for others, are you men any more? You are not worth a pin's head! In this fertile country with abundant water-supply, where nature produces wealth and harvest a thousand times more than in others, you have no food for your stomach, no clothes to cover your body! In this country of abundance, the produce of which has been the cause of the spread of civilisation in other countries, you are reduced to such straits! Your condition is even worse than that of a dog. And you glory in your Vedas and Vedanta! A nation that cannot provide for its simple food and clothing, which always depends on others for its subsistence — what is there for it to vaunt about?
Throw your religious observances overboard for the present and be first prepared for the struggle for existence. People of foreign countries are turning out such golden results from the raw materials produced in your country, and you, like asses of burden, are only carrying their load. The people of foreign countries import Indian raw goods, manufacture various commodities by bringing their intelligence to bear upon them, and become great; whereas you have locked up your intelligence, thrown away your inherited wealth to others, and roam about crying piteously for food
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