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Srimad Bhagavad Gita by p_gopi_krishna
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Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:50 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Stop blaming your outer world, start building your inner world Suppose the weather suddenly turns chilly. We could blame the weather and feel sorry for ourselves. Or we could don warm clothes and get on with our life.

We would naturally choose the second option whenever the weather turns unfavorable. But we don't choose so prudently when our emotional weather turns unfavorable, that is, when we start feeling resentful and fretful amidst difficulties. We start blaming people or things or the world at large. However, such blaming simply disempowers us – by making us feel we have been helplessly victimized by a cruel world, it submerges us in a swamp of self-pity.
We have a far more empowering alternative: build our inner world and gain the strength to endure. How do we build our inner world? A time-honored way is to increase our spiritual awareness, which can become the inner equivalent of warm clothes amidst cold weather.
What is spiritual awareness? The awareness that we are indestructible spiritual beings and are parts of the supreme spiritual being, Krishna. He is all-powerful and all-merciful, being the well-wisher of everyone (Bhagavad-gita 05.29). He is expert enough to bring good even out of bad. If we stay devotionally disposed towards him, our heart opens to his voice. And he gives us the grace and guidance to overcome all obstacles (18.58).
Such spiritual awareness benefits us far more than warm clothes. Warm clothes can protect us from the cold at present, but they get worn out with time. In contrast, spiritual awareness protects us from our present difficulty – and also increases our overall devotional absorption in Krishna, thereby buffering us from future difficulties.
And with time and practice, our absorption in Krishna strengthens, deepens and sweetens, filling us with unflappable inner security and ultimately taking us to the arena of eternal security.
Think it over:
How does blaming the world disempower us? What is spiritual awareness? When life turns chilly, how does spiritual awareness benefit us more than warm clothes?
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You may ride in a smart car of your own, but you are entrusting daily, without a second thought, the car, yourself and your family to the skill and presence of your chauffeur's mind. However, when advised to entrust your affairs to the Lord, you hesitate and decline to surrender to the divine Power (Mahashakti) because of the power of illusion (mayashakti). By all means be concerned about success or failure in achieving the real purpose of your life. Yearn, yearn, yearn hard, and success is yours. Remember, you will definitely win; that is why you heard the inner call and responded to it by coming to Me. What other task have I than the showering of grace? Treat Me not as one afar but as very close to you. Insist, demand, claim grace from Me; do not praise, extol, and cringe. Bring your hearts to Me and win My Heart. Not one of you is a stranger to Me. Bring your promises to Me and I shall give you My promise. But first see that your promise is genuine and sincere, and if your heart is pure; that is enough.

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Spit out your actions, good or bad, and never think off them again. What is done is done. Throw off superstition. Have no weakness even in the face of death. Neither repent, nor brood over past deeds and do not remember your good deeds, be free. (Swami Vivekanand)

अपने अच्छे या बुरे कर्मों को भुला दो, और कभी उनके बारे में फिर न सोचो। जो हो गया सो हो गया। अंधविश्वास को निकाल फेंको। चाहे म्रित्यु ही सामने हो, कभी कमजोर न पड़ो। पछतावा न करो, पुरानी बातों पर सोच विचार न करो, अपने अच्छे कार्यों को याद न करो, और मुक्त हो जाओ।

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14th December, 1936
294. Mr.Parkhi : How is meditation to be practised?
Sri Bhagavan : Meditation is, truly speaking, Atmanishtha (to be fixed as the SELF). But, when thoughts cross the mind and an effort is made to eliminate them, the effort is usually termed meditation. Atmanishtha is your real nature. Remain as you are . That is the aim.
D.: But, thughts come up. Is our effort meant to eliminate thoughts only ?
Sri Bhagavan : Yes. Medittion being on a single thought, the other thoughts are kept away. Meditation is only negative in effect, inasmuch as thoghts are kept away.
D.: It is said Atma Samsthan Manah Kritva ( "Fixing the mind in the Self"). But, the Self is unthinkable.
Sri Bhagavan : Why do you wish to meditate at all ? Because you wish to do so, you are told Atma Samsthan Manah Krita (Fixing the mind in the Self) ; why do you not remain as you are without meditating ? What is that Manah (mind) ? When all thoughts are eliminated, it becomes Atma Samsthan (fixed in the Self).
D.: If a form is given, I can meditate on it and other thoughts are eliminated. But, the Self is formless.
Sri Bhagavan : Meditation on forms or concrete objects is said to be dhyana, whereas the enquiry into the Self is Vichara (enquiry) or Nididhyasana.
Explaining "adhyaropapava dabhyam" (superimposition and its elimination) , Sri Bhagavan pointed out that the first turns you inward to the Self ; and, then according to the second, you know that the world is not apart from the Self.
273. Devotee : Should I meditate on the right chest, in order to meditate on the Heart ?
Sri Bhagavan : The Heart is not physical. Meditation should not be on the right or the left. Meditation should be on the SELF. Everyone knows "I am". Who is the 'I' ? It will be neither within nor without, neither on the right nor on the left. 'I am' -- that is all !
The Heart is the Centre from which everything springs. Because you see the world, the body and so on, it is said that there is a centre for these, which is called the Heart. When you are in the Heart, the Heart is known to be neither the centre nor the circumference. There is nothing else. Whose Centre should it be?
D.: May I take it that the Self and the non-Self are like substance and its shadow?
Sri Bhagavan : Substanace and shadow are for the one who sees only the shadow and mistakes it for the substance and sees its shadow also. But, there is neither substance nor shadow for the one who is aware only of the Reality.
************ ********* ********
297. Mr.Cohen asked : Meditation is with mind in the jagrat (waking) state.. There is mind in dream also. Why is there no meditation in dream ? Nor is it possible ?
Sri Bhagavan : Ask it in the dream.
After a short silence, Sri Bhagavan continued : You are told to meditate now and find who you are . Instead of doing it, you ask, "Why is there no meditation in dream or in sleep ?" If you find out for whom there is jagrat (waking), it will be clear that dream and sleep are also for the same one. You are the witness of jagrat (waking), swapna (dream) and sushupti (sleep) -- rather, they pass before you. Because you are out of meditation now,these questions arise. Stick to meditation and see if these questions arise.

---- TALKS WITH SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI , pp. 256, 229, 261
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