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Johannes Brahms' third symphony and in particular the third movement is pleasantly beautiful. The symphony does not have piano. (Like many other symphonies.)  Thanks to Lee Evans editing and arrangement for piano players, I can play an easy version of third movement on my piano now. I am quite happy about it.

As I was learning to play it, I wrote down couple of different versions of Telugu words. This is one.


Bon voyage


పోవు మో భామినీ వీడి పో భూమినీ

శీఘ్రమే వెళ్లిపో

సుర కిన్నర కింపురుష

యధేచ్ఛ ప్రమోద తావరాలకు ముముక్షువై


పోవు మో శోధనీ వీడి పో మేదినీ

శీఘ్రమే వెళ్లిపో

అతి భయంకర భూతప్రేత

కంకాళ నాట్య స్థావరాలకు ముమూర్షవై.




My recent reading of the - short story by J.L. Borges - Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius - and the critical views by five professors on different aspects of story, is quite interesting.

Borges mixes up several of his contemporaries, some cooked up characters in his story. It essentially deals with (In a surreptitious way,) creations of new sets of philosophies, imaginary planets, words, languages, and Gods by secretly formed groups of people; replacement of encyclopedias by alternate sets of encyclopedias, libraries. Etc.

It is tough to understand what Borges had in his mind, for a reader of present time, without some outside help. One critic says it requires browsing of encyclopedias, and dictionaries to understand this one short story.

For Indians, who are deeply into mythology, it probably is easy to grasp this short story. Wait a minute. May be not, because they have bought into them and are literally living them even into 21st century.


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