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Srimad Bhagavad Gita by p_gopi_krishna
Srimad Bhagavad Gita by p_gopi_krishna
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Sri Satya Sai Baba by p_gopi_krishna
Sri Satya Sai Baba by p_gopi_krishna
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Srimad Bhagad Gita by p_gopi_krishna
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Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:03 am (PDT) . Posted by:


To be thoughtful, attribute every thought first to the mind Our mind is like a thought-factory that churns out thoughts constantly. Most of these thoughts are irrelevant and unproductive, some are dark and destructive, and a few are insightful and creative.

If we uncritically identify with our thoughts and act accordingly, we will frequently be misled. We may end up stressed, obsessed, depressed, deluded, degraded. Ironically, identifying with our thoughts can make us act thoughtlessly and self-destructively. To become thoughtful, we need to carefully evaluate our thoughts.
However, because thoughts arise inside us, we tend to instinctively identify with them, presuming that they are our thoughts. How can we prevent this presumption? By reminding ourselves that we are not alone inside us – our mind is there too, and it is the source of most of our thoughts. The Bhagavad-gita provides us such reminders repeatedly, as when it (06.05) urges us to elevate ourselves with our mind, and not degrade ourselves. To elevate ourselves, we need to accept the mind's creative thoughts. To avoid degrading ourselves, we need to reject its destructive thoughts.
How can we practically do such thought-selection? By training ourselves to attribute every thought first to our mind. Whenever some thought arises inside us, we can precede it with the words, "The mind is saying …" Thus, if we feel like watching something on Youtube, we can say to ourselves, "The mind is saying: watch something on Youtube." By such attribution, we can create a distance between that thought and us. Once the thought is held at a distance for our inspection, we can treat it as if it were a suggestion from someone else – to be neither summarily accepted nor summarily rejected but to be calmly considered on merit.
By training ourselves to attribute our thoughts first to our mind, we can rise from thoughtlessness to thoughtfulness.
Think it over:
List three typical troublesome thoughts that you can attribute to your mind. At the end of each day, take stock of how you fared in such attribution. When you failed, note how much time you lost. When you succeeded, note how much time you saved. https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D20227&picture=http://www.gitadaily.com/wp-content/images/Bhagavad-Gita-Chapter-06-Text-05.jpg http://twitter.com/share?text=To%20be%20thoughtful%2C%20attribute%20every%20thought%20first%20to%20the%20mind&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D20227&hashtags= https://plus.google.com/share?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D20227 http://pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D20227&media=http://www.gitadaily.com/wp-content/images/Bhagavad-Gita-Chapter-06-Text-05.jpg&description=Our%20mind%20is%20like%20a%20thought-factory%20that%20churns%20out%20thoughts%20constantly.%20Most%20of%20these%20thoughts%20are%20irrelevant%20and%20unproductive%2C%20some%20are%20dark%20and%20destructive%2C%20and%20a%20few%20are%20insightful%20and%20creative.If%20we%20uncritically%20identify%20with%20our%20thoughts%20and%20act%20accordingly%2C%20we%20will%20frequently%20be%20misled..... http://bhagavadgitaclass.com/bhagavad-gita-chapter-06-text-05

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/to-be-thoughtful-attribute-every-thought-first-to-the-mind/ https://www.gitadaily.com/to-be-thoughtful-attribute-every-thought-first-to-the-mind/

Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:52 am (PDT) . Posted by:


The Gita is not inciteful, it is insightful Self-interested people sometimes pursue their own agendas by inciting others to violence. And in today's globally connected world, such hate speech can trigger widespread frenzy and fury. Understandably, those new to the Bhagavad-gita may feel concerned on knowing that it urges a reluctant warrior to fight a war.

However, the Gita is not in the least inciteful. It doesn't mention even once the many atrocities that Arjuna and his family were subjected to by their evil cousins, the Kauravas. It doesn't ever call for vengeance against the wrongdoers. It doesn't contain any hate speech at all.
The Gita does ask Arjuna to fight, but the fight is to establish the rule of law, of dharma – not to settle any personal scores. And the Gita's thrust is not on fighting, but on cultivating a consciousness of purity and spirituality with which we can do all activities constructively.. The Gita's battlefield setting is meant to stress how consciousness matters everywhere, even in those exceptional situations that necessitate assertive action such as war.
Consider the call to fight given in the Gita (03.30). That call is preceded by exhortations to give up lethargy and possessiveness, and to cultivate spiritual awareness and devotional surrender. Such exhortations indicate that the Gita's thrust is on the inner war to fight against our own darker desires.
The Gita is insightful in the sense that it gives us inner sight: an understanding of the inner world with its subtle dynamics. It explains how we are pure souls, parts of the divine, and how we can reclaim our core goodness by overcoming the dark desires within us.
Far from inciting people to violence, the Gita's insightful message equips people with the self-understanding that decreases their vulnerability to inciteful propaganda and increases their capacity to act constructively for creating a more harmonious world.
Think it over:
How is the Gita not inciteful? What is the thrust of the Gita? What is the purpose of its battlefield setting? How is the Gita insightful and how can it protect people from getting incited?
https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily..com%2F%3Fp%3D20231&picture=http://www.gitadaily.com/wp-content/images/Bhagavad-Gita-Chapter-03-Text-30.jpg http://twitter.com/share?text=The%20Gita%20is%20not%20inciteful%2C%20it%20is%20insightful&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww..gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D20231&hashtags= https://plus.google.com/share?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D20231 http://pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D20231&media=http://www.gitadaily.com/wp-content/images/Bhagavad-Gita-Chapter-03-Text-30.jpg&description=Self-interested%20people%20sometimes%20pursue%20their%20own%20agendas%20by%20inciting%20others%20to%20violence.%20And%20in%20today%E2%80%99s%20globally%20connected%20world%2C%20such%20hate%20speech%20can%20trigger%20widespread%20frenzy%20and%20fury.%20Understandably%2C%20those%20new%20to%20the%20Bhagavad-gita%20may%20feel%20concerned%20on%20knowing%20that%20it%20urges%20a%20reluctant%20warrior... http://bhagavadgitaclass.com/bhagavad-gita-chapter-03-text-30

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/the-gita-is-not-inciteful-it-is-insightful/ https://www.gitadaily.com/the-gita-is-not-inciteful-it-is-insightful/

Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:55 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Why Fathers are neglected in Old Age?
Vijay B Mansukhani
*Do Take Your Valuable Time Read Through.*
*In the lifetime of Family Settings, there are 3 Dispensations of Power.*
* - The 1st is the first 25 years in the life of the family*
(Father, Mother Children) where power indisputably rests with the Father.
*- The 2nd is after the kids have grown started working*
when the power shifts to the Mother.
*- The 3rd is when the Kids move out of the Family house or
Start their own Families* When the Power moves to the Children.
*1.* We'll start from the 1st Dispensation. Total dominance of the father.
He is the Lion of the Tribe of his House. The boss.
*2.* During this dispensation, the father rules with an iron fist.
He barks orders determines what does or does not happen.
*3.* The father often vents out corporal punishment to the recalcitrant children. They grow to fear him more than they love him.
*4* The father is the provider for the family everyone is aware of that fact
with all attendant consequences.
*5.* Then the 2nd Dispensation sets in. The children have finished school and have started working. Power shifts to the mother.
*6.* When the children start earning their own money, for some reason,
it's their mothers they decide to look after. They are closer to her.
*7.* While the father was in charge, he was busy with the business of providing. He didn't have much time to be a friend to the children.
*8.* They spent more time with their mum and invariably grew closer to her.. They also see their mum as co-victims of the father's tyranny.
*9.* The mother takes centre stage at this point.
She is the first to know what's happening with the children
she has advantage.
*10.* Should any of the daughters give birth, she is the one that goes for babysitting and the children spoil her with gifts.
*11.* At this stage, the father is wishing for some bond with the children like they have with their mother, but that boat has sailed.
*12.* Because the mother doesn't rely much on the father for her needs at this stage, she is less likely to tolerate his lordship. Friction.
*13.* Then the 3rd and last dispensation. Power has shifted to the children.
They are self-sufficient, live on their own have own families.
*14.* More often than not, whenever there is a quarrel between father mother, the children side with the mother.Years of joint- victim hood at play.
*15.* Children have been known to come to the house to warn their father
not to 'disturb' their mother. Next thing, extended visitations.
*16.* Woe beside the father if his finances are precarious at this stage.
You will be humbled by force. The gang-up is real.
*17.* This causes most men to fall ill develop different complications.
By the time the forces are arrayed against you, you will think well.
*18.* Stroke, Hypertension, High-Blood Pressure. The man has a large family
but no relationship with them in later life. Troubling thought.
*19.* Moral, dear men, while the power lies with us,
let us wield it with posterity in mind. It won't be with us forever.
*20.* With the way you are treating your wife now,
how will she treat you when power shifts to her?
*21.* What relationship do you have with your family?
Loving dad or despotic, tyrannical provider?
*22.* Remember, the children always side with their mother.
Aim to do enough to at least get a fair hearing in future moments
of family strife.
*23.* Invest wisely for the future so that you won't have to beg
to be taken care of if despite your best efforts, you find yourself alone.

*Parenthood Is Not Easy Despite Its Joys.
There Is No Manual On How It Works.*

Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:07 am (PDT) . Posted by:


The eagle is pestered by crows so long as it has a fish in its beak. They swish past that so they could steal the fish out of its mouth, pursuing the bird wherever it sits for a little rest. Finally when the eagle gives up the attachment to the fish and drops it from its beak, the crows fly away, leaving the eagle free. So leave off sense pleasures and the crows of pride, envy, malice, and hatred will fly away, for they want only carrion. The snake moves in curves and not in a straight line. Individuals too move in a crooked path when they follow the senses. Practise renunciation from now on so that you may set out on the journey when the call comes; you don't know when. Else at that moment, you will be in tears, when you think of the house you have built, the property you have accumulated, the fame you have amassed, and the trifles you have won.

Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:27 am (PDT) . Posted by:


The nature of mind is pure. Sensory impressions colour and soil it with likes and dislikes. The mind of the animal is unaffected by the many attachments and attractions, aversions and dislikes that hamper and haunt the human mind. The latent impressions (vasanas) warp the mind that is already bent by blows and buffetings suffered, birth after birth. There is no use laying all the blame on the mind. It is a mere watchman. Impress upon the watchman that the Lord is your master, then it will obey not only the Lord who is your master but even the Lord's friends and companions. Join satsang and see whether the mind continues to be stubborn. It will not disobey you then. It is all about training; if the watchman comes to know that you are unrelated to the Lord, he will disobey you and take to his own misadventures! If you are on the Lord's side, the watchman becomes your aide!

Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:20 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Health is written on your hands! https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=V3BTMAhiB2wHO1V1AzgHfVp7BWAAMVUxBS8AbAE6&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95

https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VXIBYgljVT5dYQcnAjkBe1V0AGUPPlI2WXMIZFNo&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95Ritika Tiwari https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=ACcAYwhiVT5RbQAgBj1RKwcmUzYAMVM3UXtZNQQ/&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VHNRMgZsXzQBPQQkADsFfwAhVDEOP1g8BC4MYFJp&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95 https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VXIIa1U/BG9XawQkV2xWLFp7VDEJOAJmBy0AbFds&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VHNSMQNpUjkAPFFxCzAHfVNyUzYLOgBkWXNbNwA7&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95 https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=BSIIa1c9AGsBPVx8U2gHfVt6UTRbalA0U3kOYgM4&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95

https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VnEJagBqAmlRbV19Bj1ULgAhA2ZdbFI2UXsJZQc8&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95 https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VXJUN1Q+AGtVaV19Bj1TKQcmXjtfblUxVnwNYVBr&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=BSIEZwRuVzxQbFJyVm1XLQYnUTQLOlg8UngJZVRv&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95 https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=U3RSMQljB2wAPAEhADtTKVZ3AmcAMVk9AykJZQQ/&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95

https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=UXYHZARuVj0HOwQkAToHfVZ3XzpcbVQwAykAbAA7&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95Ever wonder why a physician looks at your hands during an examination? Here's what the doc sees https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=V3ADYAljUzhdYVJyBj1XLQcmUzYAMVE1VX9ZNVFq&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=ByACYQRuUzhTbwQkBT5QKlFwA2YAMVUxUHoBbVJp&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af951 Pale fingertips https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VXIGZQJoUDtSblZ2CjEKcFJzUTQOP1YyU3ldMVFq&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=UXZVNlA6BG8BPVZ2U2gDeVV0UjcAMQdjBy1ZNVds&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95Dermatologist Rinky Kapoor cautions, "If your fingertips turn blue or are extremely pale, this is a sign of low oxygen in the blood," a condition which is called cyanosis.Some people experience this when they travel to high altitudes or to low-temperature regions, but if you notice blue colouration even at normal temperatures, then it could be a more serious issue. Heart and lung related diseases could cause blue fingertips. In fact, it has been noticed that kids born with heart malfunctions have blue fingertips since birth. It could also be an indicator of diseases like scleroderma, arthritis, and Raynaud's disease," adds Kapoor. https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=ByAFZghiUToBPVBwAjkHfVNyVDFfblQwBy1eMlNo&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=XnkEZ1U/XzQBPQAgBj0GfAYnUjcMPVYyBS9cMAA7&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af952 Constant redness in palms https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=UXZWNQBqVzxTb1R0U2gFf1t6BWBcbVE1VnwAbFVu&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VHMHZANpVT4APFV1CzAAegEgUDUKO1k9WXMNYQA7&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95Kapoor says, "If you have always had red palms, then there is nothing to worry about because it's completely normal." On the other hand, if you are suddenly noticing redness in your palms, then you might have `primary palmar erythema,' where the redness is caused by an increased dilatation of the surface capillaries in the hand. https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=UXYFZgljXjVTb1FxCzALcVt6AGUMPQNnBS8IZAY9&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=UXYFZgljXjVTb1FxCzALcVt6AGUMPQNnBS8IZAY9&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95Some of the underlying causes for this include "hormonal changes, an excess of red blood cells in the blood, and liver-related diseases." https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=ACdRMgZsBW4APAMjU2hWLFJzB2IMPQBkACpeMl1m&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VnEHZFQ+VzwHOwEhBT5WLAAhB2IBMFg8ACoJZVNo&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af953 Sweaty palms https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VnEFZgFrUjldYQAgCzACeAUkB2INPAdjVH4IZFZt&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VHMCYVc9BG9UaAYmV2xXLVR1A2YIOQdjUnhaNgE6&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95Monica Goel, a general physician, says "Excessive sweaty palms are one of the first symptoms of autonomic nerve disorders." https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VnEBYlc9UTpcYAcnV2wEfgUkUTRaawBkBS8IZFds&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=XnkCYVA6B2xQbAcnAjlTKQUkVTANPAJmU3kLZ1Rv&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95However, she says, if you are a seasoned drinker, then this might also just be your body's way of telling you that you are drinking more alcohol than you can handle.If that's the case, it may be the right time to cut down on your alcohol consumption and become a more casual drinker. https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=UnUAYwFrVj1cYAcnCzBTKVZ3VTABMFE1By1bNwQ/&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=VnEGZQVvVj1dYVNzBD8Be1FwVDEPPgBkBy0KZgM4&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af954 White spots on the nails https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95
https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95The white spots you sometimes see on nails are called Leukonychia (or milk spots), and they are fairly common in both kids and adults. While these white spots can be easily clipped off when the nail grows out, it is important to treat the root cause if they occur often. Goel explains, "The main reason behind these white spots is calcium deficiency and in some cases Vitamin D deficiency, which can be easily treated by taking the necessary supplements." https://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups%2Eyahoo%2Ecom%2Fgroup%2FAmdavadis4Ever%2Fjoin%3Fsoc%5Fsrc%3Dmail%26amp%3Bsoc%5Ftrk%3Dma&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0&rogue=d38867f9e6aba3506f0cd79c92817f41d31e605f&rdf=&els=68e39f01e2aba66b8f9a33f843c4af95

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Being conscious of the body is not bodily consciousness, being conscious only of the body is Suppose a car driver is obsessed with their car. They drive around just to parade how attractive it is and to find some ways to make it more attractive. Being thus obsessed, they forget where they were meant to go and why.

Such obsession with a car is clearly undesirable. But just as undesirable is the other extreme: neglecting the car entirely, neither servicing it nor fueling it. Even if they want to get to their destination super-fast, they still need to take enough of the car to keep it at least drivable.
We need to similarly take care of our body. Gita wisdom explains that the body is like a vehicle for us souls who are on a multi-life journey of spiritual evolution.
Most people are obsessed with their body. They spend hundreds of hours and dollars on making it look better. And they spend almost their entire life craving and slaving for bodily pleasures. Being thus lost in bodily consciousness, they have hardly any time or inclination to explore their spiritual side. Gita wisdom deems such bodily consciousness reproachable.
Hearing these warnings, we may neglect the body entirely, mistaking any attention to the body's needs to be bodily consciousness. However, the body has basic needs that have to be fulfilled; otherwise, the yogic practices for spiritualizing our consciousness will become unnecessarily difficult. For our spiritual journey, the body is a vehicle that is irreplaceable, at least for this lifetime.
We need to be sufficiently conscious of the body's needs so that it can function smoothly as a vehicle for our consciousness. Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (06.17) declares that if we regulate our bodily activities, avoiding the extremes of too much or too little, then our spiritual practices can take us beyond worldly distresses.
Think it over:
Do you sometimes get obsessed with your body? Do you sometimes neglect your body? How can you make your body a better vehicle for your consciousness?
https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily..com%2F%3Fp%3D20225&picture=http://www.gitadaily.com/wp-content/images/Bhagavad-Gita-Chapter-06-Text-17.jpg http://twitter.com/share?text=Being%20conscious%20of%20the%20body%20is%20not%20bodily%20consciousness%2C%20being%20conscious%20only%20of%20the%20body%20is&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily..com%2F%3Fp%3D20225&hashtags= https://plus.google.com/share?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D20225 http://pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gitadaily.com%2F%3Fp%3D20225&media=http://www.gitadaily.com/wp-content/images/Bhagavad-Gita-Chapter-06-Text-17.jpg&description=Suppose%20a%20car%20driver%20is%20obsessed%20with%20their%20car.%20They%20drive%20around%20just%20to%20parade%20how%20attractive%20it%20is%20and%20to%20find%20some%20ways%20to%20make%20it%20more%20attractive.%20Being%20thus%20obsessed%2C%20they%20forget%20where%20they%20were%20meant%20to%20go%20and%20why.Such%20obsession%20with%20a%20car%20is%20clearly%20undesirable.%20But%20just%20as%20undesirable... http://bhagavadgitaclass.com/bhagavad-gita-chapter-06-text-17

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/being-conscious-of-the-body-is-not-bodily-consciousness-being-conscious-only-of-the-body-is/ https://www.gitadaily..com/being-conscious-of-the-body-is-not-bodily-consciousness-being-conscious-only-of-the-body-is/

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Secret of the Shiva Linga...
Harih Om. Shri Rohit Arya writes an astounding post on Shiva Lingams:
The Presence of Shiva
These are Shiva Lingams. Shiva is Auspicious{consciousness} and Linga is a chinn - what signifies, what differentiates, what distinguishes. Which is why the same word got applied to male secondary sexual characteristic as Sanskrit is a polysemous language - where one word can mean several things. In the tantrik tradition alone the lingam yoni template became important. Most early lingams had no yoni base, it is a relatively recent development.
A Shiva Lingam is a Signification of Auspiciousness. A Lingam is a sacred object that is consecrated, energized, activated, awakened. All of these process are contained within the term prana prathista. We know how to make it come alive, become a fully vibrant energy field that then starts impacting your sadhana and karma. A shiva lingam is rupa arupa - form without form, or formless form. It is also vyakta avyakta, manifest-unmanifest a superb dynamic of 'tension' that plays creatively with shristi, sthiti and samhara. I wont say more. Those who comprehend these things will understand.. There is nothing subjective about any of this. Anybody with a few years of sadhana under their belt can immediately experience the simple truth that a Lingam is a living thing.
Lingams are not of stone alone. They can be made of metal, or precious stone, of jade, of crystal {though most so called spatika lingams are shameless frauds} and best of all are the lingams made of solidified mercury. At room temperature. Yeah we Hindus can do that. And that's awesome.
Precious stone lingams are very unusual because if you have something of that size, greed prompts people to cut it up and sell, not make a lingam and worship. I have seen a ruby lingam. Somebody claimed their guru has a diamond lingam which I did not see and therefore do not give credence. To activate that requires more shakti than most humans have. Also diamond is too hard and dense to let anything in with ease. Other precious stone lingams crack easily when the prana prathista is done, it requires immense skill. If you fail and most people do, then you lost your lingam and also much money!
Mercury lingams are an art unique to Bharat and they have so many regulations of time, place material etc but they are still being created - up to sizes of one tonne! The stone lingams are easiest to create and maintan hence their popularity. Metal ones are very powerful but maintenance is core issue. They drain out of shakti too easily. Jade lingams almost always crack when prana prathistha is done but if you can pull it off you are a very fortunate person.
What is most remarkable of one set of lingams is that they do not even require the physical presence of the stone form once the consecrations is complete. The lingam in this case serves merely as scaffolding for the kshetram, the field of transformation. Once the kshetram comes into being, even if the lingam is removed and all puja stopped the energy remains - for thousands of years. I used to think all of this were stories. But Nataraja Kripa ensured I lived to experience such things. Now I can assert on my own authority this is true. The very best highest quality Shiva lingams create the pranic body of an Enlightened Master, with none of the issues that come from human embodiment and human limitations of personality and character.
But Time, Kaala, rubs away at all things including the normal Shiva Lingam and then each one of them also become Unique, with personality, qualities, dispositions, limitations, abilities. The nature and shakti of the yogi who installed also rubs off without fail onto the Lingam and becomes part of its personality and uniqueness. Sometimes the effort fails, usually partially, sometimes catastrophically. Those are the receding energy lingams. Sometimes a lingam is consecrated but it has a time delay it is for the future. The variations are near infinite. Shiva lingams can be created for specific purposes. They can heal, they can bestow riches, grant boons. There are lingams created to control the impact of the grahas. Each graha has a sannidhi in the kshetram and that is subordinate to the Shiva Lingam. There are lingams which purify the Tattvas or Pancha Mahbhootas.
There are lingams which are specifically for yogis and nothing else. Personally I love the lingams made for dhayna most of all. Some of them accelerate the karmic process. One of them freezes the action of karma as long as you are in the kshetram. There are lingams with all the major chakras, lingams with only a few, some that have half a chakra on top of the lower ones and in some rare cases a specific chakra is not installed at all. Part of the fun of going to a Shiva kshetram is discovering the svabhava and magnitude of a lingam. There are lingams which capture a specific bhava of Shiva and install that. They are lingams for samhara, for ugra karma, for courage. A lingam can be created for any purpose you may imagine and quite a few that you cannot dream of. There are lingams which plant a beejam of liberation within you and you will be inexorably turned towards yoga.
Shiva has created 125 000 paths to Mukti and believe you me, for each one of them we can also make a Lingam to enhance that marga. Lingams were usually masculine in vibration though many were Ardhanarishwara. The sacred hill of Arunachala which is the Shiva Lingam without peer is an Ardhanarishwara.. Many famous and powerful lingams were installed by female yogis btw. Rameshwaram, Ekambarantha Jambukeshwara and so on...
Plainly - the Shiva Lingam is one of the greatest achievements of Yoga and an imperishable glory of the culture.
Sarvam Shivamayam!

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