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Miserable wretch4719


She called me to say hello!

But, it is all about her. It always is.

She is just off the plane.  She has jet lag.  She is yawning. 

Why call me then?


She is sniffling, her throat is hoarse,

But it not the vocal cord nodule, that is gone

Thank God!

She is trying to read, but the old book is making her cough

Or maybe, it is the Dog hair

Why call me?

What kind of hello is that?


It could be spring allergies, her eyes are itching

Her lungs are wheezing,

Her ear hurts, may be the plane

Or, May be it is from the tooth implant;

Why call me?


She has metal in her neck, her neck creeks

The shoulder hurts,

Also she has plantar fasciitis

She had to stop the tennis game in the middle

Why call me,

What sort of hello is it to me?


The water is rotten, the food is all poison

She has severe acid reflex

The bowels are all in uproar

But she is worried, of shoulder pain

So she had an angiogram, to see if it is the heart

(Of course! With all recent deaths)


But her low back pain, it is a bummer

In a grand child's birthday party

She had to get off the trampoline

God! What can be worse! can not jump! But, 

Why call me? Why call me?

I am not a doctor now. She is.





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