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Music – Rhythm – Leonard Bernstein.


Enjoyed the chapter on 'Rhythm' from Leonard Bernstein's book 'The infinite variety of music.' A lot. The chapter is a reproduction of a telecast March 13, 1960. Then I went ahead, searched, and listened to the broadcast "Ford presents Leonard Bernstein and New York PhilharmonicRhythm." on the net. It is very good.


With the help of the Orchestra, Bernstein explains the evolution of western music from mere pulse to meter and then to simple rhythms to complex rhythms. He explains the significance of duple, triple, symmetry in the musical compositions of early centuries, and the transition of modern music into asymmetrical rhythms, out of sheer boredom resulting from prior symmetry, to the extent of taking the music to total arrhythmia (at times,) in modern times.


His brief comments on old metrical poetry and the important difference in meter vs rhythm, in metrical verse, and how a skillful poet goes against the beat, to make his poetry richer in rhythm and meaning.  This reference to poetry even when made in passing and even though brief is still valuable.


At the end of the first half of the lecture, in the book he gave the opening music of finale of Caesar Franck's symphony in D minor. Franck is a 19th century composer. Music is chosen as an example of perfect symmetricity in duple meter. There were couple of opening bars in duple meter, and I played them on my piano. That's when I wrote the song a few days back - ఏదీ చాందినీ, ఏదా చలువల కాంతీ- some words of that sort. The symphony can be heard in the broad cast. I was happy when I could recognize my Telugu song in the opening melody. It was fun.


I am now posting a few Telugu words which I wrote down, when listening to what Bernstein said of "Duple nature" of music, in his chapter.


(And Of Course, For sure, I am a longtime reader of JKM's writings on Mathematical schemes / arrangements in Telugu metrical verse. He keeps them coming and I keep reading as always. With pleasure. Thanks.)





అంతా 'ద్వి' యేనా?

సంగీతాన నిజమింతేనా?


అనేకానేక లయలలో

అంతర్లీనపు మహాలయ

ఎప్పుడూ రెండేనా,

రెండుల నిరంతర దొంతరలేనా


లబ్ డబ్, లబ్ డబ్

ఉచ్ఛ్వాసం నిశ్వాసం

ఎడమ కుడి, ఎడమ కుడి

ఒకటి రెండు, ఒకటి రెండు

అవే అనునిత్యమా!

ఇదే పరమ సత్యమా!


మన శరీర నిర్మాణం మాదిరి

మనిషి చలనం మాదిరి

ప్రతి సౌష్ఠవ సంగీతపు సౌధానికి

పునాది ఇటుకలు ద్విక-ద్విగుణితమేనా! - Lyla


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