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I never used to really appreciate the words like 'the award has been awarded' and such.

But today I say with total conviction that by felicitating you with this award, which perhaps is delayed, "the award has been awarded" and it is a proud moment.

Thank you for keeping Telugu afloat along with the likes of Sri Paruchuri Srinivas whose erudite knowledge is so awesome I should say and Srimathy Suprabha garu et al.

I am so glad that I am a close acquaintance (I do trust so) of yours though I could not keep pace with your journey ever.

Hearty, well deserved Congratulations, Best wishes and Warm regards
Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy
11th July, 2019 

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I was a bit hesitant to blow my own trumpets. That is why I did not announce it here. The message given under is what I posted after the announcement in the Facebook. Just as an information, I am reproducing the same here. I received the award from the hands of Sri Kapil Dev Nikhanj, captain of the Indian WC83 team on July 4. 

==== THANKS ====

First of all let me thank the Telugu Association of North America for choosing me for the award of Excellence in Telugu Language and Literature for the year 2019. I humbly accept this award more as a recognition to the branch of metrical prosody or Chandassu, the field I am pursuing for the last twenty years.

I thank all those who congratulated me and sent their best wishes as well as those who liked and loved the message of announcement by SrI Jamapla Chowdhury. Let me also thank all those who have been reading my messages on Chandassu over the many years in yahoo groups of ChaMdassu and rachchabaNDa as well as the Chandassu and other literary groups on the Facebook.

My mother was the first one who inculcated literary interests in me. My father who studied Tamil used to recite poems from manucharitra from memory! My wife and children (who don't speak Telugu) do deserve a lot of credit for putting up with me and encouraging me in my esoteric pursuits. In the school my teachers were sarvaSrI kOTa satya rangayya SAstri, kAlakandharaM sanjIvarAya Sarma and then the great vidvatkavibhUshaNa vidwan vEdaM vEnkaTakRshNa Sarma. In the college Sri morraM chandraSEkhara reDDi and SrI sAdhana vIrAsvAmi nAyuDu took our Telugu classes. They all blessed me with their knowledge. Of course all pursuit of knowledge is an offering to the great Goddess of Knowledge.

My sincere thanks are also due to SrImati suprabha for her constant encouragement and critical suggestions. I thank Sri SEshatalpaSAyi of AndhrabhArati, SrI paruchUri SrInivAs, SrImati rAgasudha vinjamUri and others for providing scanned copies of books and related materials. I thank countless others for their good words of support. The organizations like Million Book Project (now archives-dot-org), Digital Library of India were extremely useful in obtaining scanned copies of books.

I also sincerely thank all the editors of eemATa and mAlika for publishing my articles on Chandassu. 

PS: I must also add that the criticisms, suggestions and appreciations of readers of Chandassu and Rachchabanda groups, which helped me quite a bit. 

Thank you! 


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