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Sun Jan 6, 2019 11:42 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Balvikas Gurus should keep their emotions under control and not exhibit depression, dejection or wavering will. Your quality of work is more important than quantity, so don't undertake to do more than what you can render satisfactorily. Let your own conscience be the judge and decide whether you discharge your duty sufficiently to the children and society. You may face various problems while conducting the classes - solve them with discrimination and deep love. Meet these problems with a desire to serve the children better and you will be able to overcome them easily. Gradually you will realise that Balvikas is devised not merely for education of children but also for gurus. Balvikas duties will elevate and sublimate the guru's thoughts and emotions far better than any other spiritual discipline. Remember that as gurus, you too have a guru guiding you and overseeing your Seva. Gurus are pupils too, learning lessons of equality, equanimity and selfless love with your Omniscient Guru.

Sun Jan 6, 2019 11:43 pm (PST) . Posted by:


The appreciation we get for our service is not as consequential as the absorption we get in our service Whenever we do anything, we usually have various levels of motivation for doing that thing. And depending on how deep or substantial a motivation is, we persevere in that activity when we face obstacles.

The same principle applies in our practice of bhakti too. We often want a sense of acceptability and respectability in our community. And if that community is pious or spiritual, the kind of services we do therein determines our stature. So, we may do services to gain appreciation.
Such appreciation isn't always a craving of the ego, it can also be a basic human need for reciprocation, wherein we do something for someone and naturally expect them to speak a few words recognizing what we have done.
Still, because of the unpredictable nature of the world, sometimes our service may not produce results noteworthy enough to be appreciated. Or because everyone goes through their own moods and issues, they may not appreciate us even if we do something worth appreciating.
That's why if appreciation from others remains our sole motive for doing service, our bhakti practice will soon become erratic and sporadic. To develop a steadier and deeper motivation, we need to understand that our ultimate purpose in practicing bhakti is to connect with Krishna. And that connection comes in the most enriching and fulfilling way through absorption in him. Indeed, if our mind and intelligence are absorbed in him, then we will attain him at the end of our lives (08.07). Not only that, we are already living in him (12.08) and our elevation to his abode is just a matter of time.
If we get absorption in a service, that is itself a great treasure that we need to cherish, because such absorption will keep us with Krishna, now and forever.
Think it over:
What is the problem with seeking appreciation for our service?
What is the glory of absorption in Krishna?
Think of a service in which you can absorb yourself.

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/19814-2/ https://www.gitadaily.com/19814-2/

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[racchabanda] సానెట్ రూపములో సరావికా (పుష్పగుచ్ఛము, ప్రహర్షిణీ) #sAneT rUpamulO sarAvikA (pushpaguchChamu, praharshiNI)#


సానెట్ రూపములో సరావికా (పుష్పగుచ్ఛము, ప్రహర్షిణీ) -  

ఆధారము - వృత్తమౌక్తికము, వాగ్వల్లభ 

sonnet - iambic pentamer per line, 5 unstressed and stressed syllables corresponding to five short and long syllables. Italian rhyming scheme - ABBA, ABBA, CDE, CDE.

సానెట్ రూపములో 
సరావికా (పుష్పగుచ్ఛము, ప్రహర్షిణీ) - జ/ర/జ/గ 
10 పంక్తి 342

జ/ర/జ/గ IU IU IU IU IU 

వరించ వేల నా మనోహరీ 
తరింతు నేను నిన్ను జూడఁగా
బిరాన రమ్ము పాటఁ బాడఁగా 
స్మరింతు నామమున్ దలోదరీ 

వరాల నీయ రా శుభంకరీ 
నిరంతరమ్ము నీదు నీడగాఁ 
జరింతు నెందు నీదు తోడుగా 
ధరిత్రిపై సదా శివంకరీ 

బ్రశాంతమైన గాలి వీచఁగా
వసంతమందు సంతసమ్ముతోఁ  
బ్రసూన మిచ్చు తావి హాయిలో 
నిశీథమందుఁ బ్రేమ పూచఁగా 
నసీమమైన ప్రీణనమ్ముతో 
రసించ రమ్ము జ్యోత్స్న మాయలో

విధేయుడు - జెజ్జాల కృష్ణ మోహన రావు
sAneT rUpamulO sarAvikA (pushpaguchChamu, praharshiNI) -  

aadhAramu - vRttamauktikamu, vAgvallabha 

#sonnet - iambic pentamer per line, 5 unstressed and stressed syllables corresponding to five short and long syllables. Italian rhyming scheme - ABBA, ABBA, CDE, CDE.#

sAneT rUpamulO 
sarAvikA (pushpaguchChamu, praharshiNI) - ja/ra/ja/ga 
10 paMkti 342

ja/ra/ja/ga #IU IU IU IU IU# 

variMcha vEla nA manOharI 
tariMtu nEnu ninnu jUDa@MgA
birAna rammu pATa@M bADa@MgA 
smariMtu nAmamun dalOdarI 

varAla nIya rA SubhaMkarI 
niraMtarammu nIdu nIDagA@M 
jariMtu neMdu nIdu tODugA 
dharitripai sadA SivaMkarI 

braSAMtamaina gAli vIcha@MgA
vasaMtamaMdu saMtasammutO@M  
brasUna michchu tAvi hAyilO 
niSIthamaMdu@M brEma pUcha@MgA 
nasImamaina prINanammutO 
rasiMcha rammu jyOtsna mAyalO

vidhEyuDu - jejjAla kRshNa mOhana rAvu


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