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The native prosody or dESi Chandassu in Kannada and Telugu languages is characterized by one important factor. Words that begin with short and long syllables, i.e., a laghu and a guru (IU), like ramA, madhU, etc. are prohibited by definition. This is called the unnatural gait or eduru naDaka (ఎదురు నడక). The natural one for these languages is some thing like hari, giri, etc, (two short syllables II) or vENu and chaMdra (a long and short syllable UI) or dEvA, rAjA (two long syllables UU) . In fact, once I searched for the IU type of songs among those written by tyAgarAja. The number is quite small.

If this concept is carried over to the realms of the gaNa Chandassu too, a question arises. How many vRttas are there that (1) do not start with a short and long syllable, that is IU and that do not end with a short syllable as vRttas usually end with a long syllable or a guru U. 

No IU at the start and a U at the end. 

In the first two Chandas, there will be just one. 
From the third Chanda onward, the numbers are 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, etc. 

The general formula is 3 * 2^(n-3). 

If a laghu is admissible at the end, then 
in the first Chanda there will be 2. From the second Chanda onward, the numbers are 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, etc. 

The general formula is 3 * 2^(n-1). 

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